Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mental Snippets

So far this week I haven't had to sit in judgment on anyone in court, and I'm glad. I was right that jury duty used to last a week and that was it for several years. When or why they changed this I don't know. Being on a jury for DUI's or other crimes we can resolve fairly quickly is fine, but I don't know how people stand being sequestered for weeks and months cut off from everyone and everything except the other jurors and that trial. Horrible! Anyway, I have to go in tomorrow. Maybe I won't be chosen or perhaps it will be another DUI like we had Friday.

Lost - go figure. I'll be glad when it's resolved, and they let us know what it's been about. David, could you let me know that site you mentioned before that has recaps and commentaries?

Excellent casting on Glee for Idina Menzel and Rachel! I hoped that's how that would go!

I love the e-trade baby! Those commercials are hilarious!

I've been thinking about how we're like hermit crabs. We move into houses others lived in while others move into the places we leave behind. And on it goes.


Bob said...

Love LOST!!!

LovedLovedLOVED the Idina Menzel/Lea Michelle "I Have A Dream". So gorgeous.

David Dust said...

Since Lost and Glee come on at the same time, so I haven't been able to see Glee (I need to watch it on Hulu) - but Lost has been fantastic.

As far as the website you mentioned, the Project Rungay boys - Tom & Lorenzo - do an excellent analysis/recap of Lost. Here is the recap from last night:



Czech And Swede said...

Okay, I think the E-trade babies rock. I haven't seen one of their commercials that doesn't make me laugh out loud.

Tivo Mom said...

Speaking of hermit crabs, you will appreciate this. My daughter today about which 1st grade teacher she wants for next year (there are only two), "I want Mrs. Kelly because she has a hermit crab in the classroom". Now that is the way to pick a teacher.

You know how I felt about Glee last night. Never better!