Tuesday, May 25, 2010

For Other Language Lovers

Nutwood Beth posted this on Facebook, and I like it so much I'm posting it here. Click to see it better. I tried to find an image of the bigger tree in that box but found so many other maps and trees that I got distracted. Imagine that!

Explanation HERE which gives the majority of language spoken. For example, English is the blue one.


froggy said...

Daughter could talk your ear off about this - linguistic anthropology being a love. Might be able to do it in Japanese and German too.

lelocolon said...

I love it.

Joy said...

Froggy, you and your children have fascinating interests! I'm glad we met in Blogworld!

Marker said...

So cool. I wish we could just download languages into our brain like we download apps. I'd pick German, Spanish, Japanese, Hebrew, Russian, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Italian to start. I'd need an update to my pathetic French as well.

What Joy said re: Froggy. So jealous of Daughter!!