Monday, May 24, 2010

DWTS 10 - Week 10

The Finals! The judges' choice and freestyle are featured tonight.

Erin & Maks - Bruno made the rounds helping Erin with her samba. She loosened up and really danced! There's no doubt that Nicole will and should win, but I hope Erin comes in second. This was fun and had good moves. Len commented on how much she'd improved. Bruno raved. Carrie Ann said it was fantastic. It was!
Samba Scores - 10/10/9 = 29
Maks took a risk and had Mandy Moore come over and help them. No, not the pop singer, the choreographer who's been on So You Think You Can Dance. They danced a contemporary interpretative dance she choreographed. I liked it, and the judges were mixed.
Freestyle Scores - 9/8/9 = 26
Total = 55

Evan & Anna - Len advised Evan to pay attention to his partner instead of focusing entirely on his performance. Guess that comes from singles skating all these years. Their Viennese waltz was elegant and classy. Sometimes Evan looks as if he's skating when he's dancing. The judges praised them but weren't enthusiastic.
Viennese Waltz scores - 10/9/9 = 28
Evan adamantly disagreed with Anna about their freestyle dance. First time I've seen them like this. He went to the rink and left Anna in tears. Anna brought choreographer Bobby Newberry in to help them. Their freestyle was an energetic and fun jive. Not as risky as the dance Erin and Maks did.
Freestyle Scores - 8/8/8 = 24
Total =52

Nicole & Derek - Carrie Ann, the lift police, said their dance mesmerized her until at the very end there was a lift. I didn't see it that way. He picked her up and walked off the dance floor, but it wasn't what I'd call a lift that she usually complains about. Len said Nicole seemed to lack confidence but that the dance was great. Bruno went nuts about how erotic and beautiful the dance was, which is what the rumba is all about. And they danced to "Lady in Red" which is a sexy song! Wow! Steamy!
Rumba Scores - 9/9/10 = 28
Their freestyle dance was a lively combination of several dance moves which they did really well as usual. Derek fumbled once and said during rehearsal he was going to do lifts he'd never tried before. Their dance wasn't as risky as the one Erin and Maks did. Nicole is such a talented dancer that it's so enjoyable watching her.
Freestyle Scores - 9/9/9 = 27
Total = 55

Erin and Maks dancing their freestyle ...