Monday, February 28, 2011


I agree with Roger Ebert that this was the worst Oscarcast ever.  They need better writers, a comedian host, and some production changes.  Mostly it would have helped to have Billy Crystal back or someone who could keep things moving with banter. That didn't stop me from watching the whole show because I have this loyalty thing that keeps me hanging on to shows long after I probably should abandon them.  Ask Brian.

There were moments that worked really well and many that didn't.  I like funny speeches and touching ones.  There were a few that were memorable in that respect - Colin Firth, the screenwriter of The King's Speech David Seidler, and Sandra Bullock's presentation.  The winners were predictably who I thought might win based on what I've read and heard.  Now I need to see the movies.

Their attempt to appeal to a younger, hip audience didn't work.  Anne Hathaway looked great in the dresses, and James Franco seems like a stoner.  Oh, it was a nice touch having the public school kids chorus on there.  They were good and helped counteract the negative press we teachers get. 

I miss the Oscar days of outrageous outfits Cher wore, unexpected speeches, Johnny Carson, Bob Hope, Billy Crystal, laughter, and being entertained.


Vaklam said...

Next year's host: Ricky Gervais!

Joy said...

LOL! Yeah, that'll happen!

froggy said...

The very first bit was funny - appearing in the different movies, they did that well. Which makes sense since they are actors, first and foremost. We watch for the fashions for the most part and humor.

Melvin said...
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