Saturday, February 26, 2011

My Phone is Stalking Me

I got an iPhone and love it! Even the box it comes in is classy. The phone and accessories fit inside the sturdy, attractive box neatly and ergonomically. Impressive right off the bat!  Just look at this!  If you've felt the box and touched all of it, you know what I mean.

Then I connected it to iTunes on my laptop and went through the steps to make it my own.  I've been playing with it ever since I bought it yesterday.  Sam has and will continue to answer questions and help me with it.  My learning curve hasn't been as much as I thought it would be except for answering the phone!  I finally caught on to that for the most part.  LOL  Oh, yes, it's a phone, too.  The text messages are so cute with conversation bubbles.  A friend told me to click the arrow on the map, and it will show me where I am.  Most of the time I know that but did it anyway.  Then I wanted to get back on the map of the world, but it wouldn't let me do it.  So I called Earl to ask how to do that.  He said it couldn't be done and that it would always show where I am unless I ask for directions somewhere.  So I said, "My phone is stalking me!" 

I downloaded Google Earth so I can see the world now, too.  So far the apps are impressive, and the phone is amazing!  Based on all this, I'm getting a Macbook soon as I can! 

Oh and I got the Xfinity app to see my TV listings.  I signed into my Comcast account to set it up since I'm supposed to be able to set my DVR from my phone.  It said I had two sets available and gave labels for each.  All of a sudden a window popped up on the TV in the den that said that set was DVR 1.  Then I went in the bedroom where a window said that one was TV 1.  Sort of neat and creepy at the same time.  Big Brother is in my phone!  


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Awesome, enjoy. I have to settle for Blackberry, work provided.

froggy said...

The reason The Engineer was looking for his phone was he needed the sim card to go down and buy the new iphone. (He ran over his phone last week with the Jeep so this was its last hurrah.) He says to tell you he likes the box too.

Joy said...

My previous phone was a BlackBerry with that roller ball to scroll. It seems like an antique now compared with the new phone. Ah, technology!

Glad the Engineer likes the box. It's all awesome!

Bob said...

I don't think I'll ever get an upgrade from my little old, flip-up cell phone.
I don't want my phone knowing my every move!

Joy said...

I'm beginning to think of it as a little built-in running buddy.

Kailyn said...

Sometimes I have a hard time imagining life before the iPhone. The last time I upgraded mine (from 3G to 3Gs), I savored the moment of opening that neat little box. Most other phones, I have gotten rid of the box but not this one. Since I skipped out on upgrading last summer, I know that I will this June.

Just a warning -- the addiction to this little piece of technology only grows over time.

Joy said...

I can already tell, Kailyn! Will I be this way when I get a Mac, too?