Wednesday, February 16, 2011

BAFTA Commentary

Jonathan Ross, host of the BAFTAs, explained: "I will introduce each category and a talented and hopefully attractive member of the film community will read the nominees. And then whichever person of the cast or crew of The King's Speech has won will come up to the stage and take the award."  That's how it happened, too.

An exception is Aaron Sorkin, who won for his screenplay of The Social Network.  I hope he wins the Oscar because I like his writing.  He wrote The West Wing, The American President, and Sports Night for a few.  The West Wing is my all-time favorite TV show, and Jeb Bartlett is my President! 

David Fincher won for Best Director of The Social Network, so that film won those two.  The Fighter wasn't nominated.  Natalie Portman won Best Actress for Black Swan and seems to be a sure thing along with Colin Firth as Oscar winners.

The Harry Potter films won a well-deserved special award for Outstanding Contribution to British Film.  Stephen Fry presented the award and part of his introduction was, "Some have suggested, sacrilege though it may seem, that the films may actually be better than the quite brilliantly voiced audio books."  (He recorded those.)  I love the Brits and wish I had an English man all my own! 

Complete list of nominees and winners HERE. If you want to watch the awards, go HERE.


froggy said...

Yah! for the Potter Gang!

Bob said...

And Yah for the 'King's' gang!

Classof65 said...

Sports Night was one of my favorite series of all time -- fast-moving and witty!

And I love the Harry Potter series. I'm trying to get my husband to speak with an English accent, because that would make him totally perfect!

Sam said...

well I've stated my thoughts on these movies. It appears that nothing will stop The Kings Speech, or Natalie Portman. I couldn't find the awards here on our guide.