Saturday, January 1, 2011

Want to Live in Vermont?

Check out the HGTV Dream Home which I am entering the sweepstakes to win. It's in Stowe,VT, and sleeps 14! Who wants to live there with me when I win? You can sleep in the guest room and oversee the bunk room where the skiers will stay. Or maybe we could all live there and six of you can stay in the bunk room. It's pretty amazing. Look here for the tour.

I could probably afford to stay there a while since they also include $500K and can have all my family there for visits. However, I'll need people to live there - to cook, clean, and be fun! Who's in?


mrs. miss alaineus said...



froggy said...

Sam could pick us all up and deliver us.

Sam said...

I see a reality show. Anyho, has anyone besides me been to Vermont? The winter is brutal and the food sucks. Why can't they have the home in Key West or Maui? Yes froggy I will pick everyone up: )