Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Just Sayin'

I still like President Obama and am glad I voted for him.

Knew it would be upsetting to see Orange Boner sitting there beside VP Biden during the State of the Union Address. It was worse than I'd thought.

I missed it. What are those black and white ribbons they have on?

Hillary's hair looked so good during the campaign. Not so much now. Also she looks more tired. Did she get help with her face during the campaign, too? I like her and think she's doing a good job but just felt compelled to mention the obvious.

Michelle Obama is beautiful and smart and lovely and a great mother. I wouldn't be surprised if she doesn't go back to a career when they are out of office at some time.

Obama almost made the Weeper of the House cry, but he managed to get himself under control.

I do wish something that actually works would happen for education and no more of this extreme emphasis on testing. We're way behind and getting worse!

We need infrastructure, fast trains, energy advances, and more. Help!


froggy said...

black and white ribbons are for Tucson.
We recorded it as GB has to wrote a paper on it and we're still moving stuff from the flood.