Monday, January 3, 2011

Odd Blogness

This is odd. I tried to get onto my blog and got a message that it no longer existed and said that I had deleted it. So I clicked a few things and got another message that "unusual activity" had gone on. It let me create a new password and have Google send me a verification code text on my cell phone in order to restore my blog. Talk about panic! I checked my blog and there were no comments or anything that were from anyone other than those of you who comment. Quite a mystery. Has this happened to any of you?

In a possibly unrelated incident, I got all kinds of texts on my cell phone from Craigslist which I've never even been on. Ever. Verizon sent a message that they were closing the comments down because too many had been generated by ME in a short time. A gremlin virus? What's going on?

I downloaded Frostwire in order to download music. I already have iTunes. My granddaughters told me about it and said it was free and legal. While I was there doing that, I accidentally also downloaded iMesh which infiltrated my search engines. I uninstalled it and finally got rid of it.

All this is on the little netbook since my laptop is dead again and still dead. When I was reading about its problem online, others said that this same thing happened to them. This is a lemon batch of these HP Pavilions. They also got new hard drives and then after a short time, they, too, died. They said it's some problem that makes the computer run hot and mess up the hard drive, so installing a new hard drive isn't going to solve the problem. I'll explain that to the tech center which is in America and not India. Points to Staples on that. I had to send it to MA last time and guess I will have to again. I'm really getting tired of this.

The next time we have a no-tax weekend, I'm getting a Mac. Then I'm going to that one-on-one tutorial at the Apple Store in Green Hills in Nashville to make the transition. Sam and I were talking about this on the phone last night, and I told him we've been having a no-tax weekend in the fall and once or twice in the spring for several years for parents to buy things for kids for school. Computers under a certain price qualify, and the Apple Store had a good deal on Macbooks last time. Our sales tax is almost 10%, so that makes a big difference. Sam said he buys his electronics in Oregon and Montana because they have no sales tax. Must be nice. Ours is one of the highest in the country. Phil Bredesen, our governor for the last two terms has a degree in physics from Harvard and has managed the money pretty well, but I'm not sure what the legislature has done with it. Our new governor Bill Haslam owns all those Pilot gas stations and truck stops, so who knows how that will be. He and the majority of the legislature are Republicans now while the ones we've had for a while have been Democrats.

That's life here in low-tech land!


David Dust said...

Yikes, that blog shutdown situation is scary - my worst nightmare!! Glad you were able to get back to blogging.


froggy said...

I got a message like that when I put up my last post. I tried again and it worked. whew!
I have a MacBook and I loves it. I switched to a PC when I was in school and eventually decided to go back to Macs when Emergency Back Up Daughter # 2 had a computer meltdown. Take mine! Perfect excuse to make the move back to Mac. I need a tutorial too. Will look into that this spring as I'd like to use all its features.

mrs. miss alaineus said...

when my old blog got messed up i never got an error message like that, i was just told the feature was not available. that's weird about the craigslist- were you able to contact them and make a report of a fake ad?


Joy said...

I was afraid if I got in touch with them, Mrs. Miss A, that it would set them off again. So far that didn't happen again. Keeping my fingers crossed. If it does, I'll contact someone. All very strange.