Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Jon Stewart

I agree with Jon Stewart. We really don't know all the reasons for senseless violence that happens all too often. We lead the world in the number of gun deaths. I keep remembering Michael Moore's point in Bowling for Columbine and how our country has so much fear in our history and in our news. What is it about the American spirit of independence or whatever that makes it seem okay to be armed all over the place? It's too easy to own guns and buy ammunition. I'm so tired of being in the bad percentages when compared to other industrialized countries in education, healthcare, infant mortality, teen pregnancy, murders, obesity, etc. What's wrong with us?

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Arizona Shootings Reaction
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froggy said...

I thought he was spot on - smart fellow.

Sam said...

Excellent. Joy, what's wrong with us? Our attention span and too many don't give a shit unless it directly affects them. We need to wake the fuck up.