Friday, January 21, 2011

Visit Revised

Brian and Brendan made it here just fine; however, Brendan got sick on the way down. While they were here, Brendan got progressively worse even though he said, "I feel a little good" but stayed curled up in Brian's or my lap all afternoon. He dozed off some which is totally unlike him. He kept trying to feel better and said he wanted to stay with me. He kept saying, "I'll feel better. Let me stay with Grammy!" Then he started asking when they could come back to Grammy's. By the time they left, he was ready to be home. Bless his heart, he must have a virus that's going around. So Brian and Melissa decided not to go to ChattaCon, and Brendan will visit me another time. I wish he'd felt well enough to stay, but he wasn't.

The streets are fine, which is great since I was planning to make chili and have no beans. I have two of the three kinds I put in it (black and cannellini beans but not kidney or red beans). So I'll go out tomorrow and get some.

Brian and I had a good visit despite the circumstances.


froggy said...

bless his heart.

Joy said...

I know! Poor little thing. He was so sick.

mrs. miss alaineus said...

oh man! well at least you are not snowed in.

enjoy the chili!


Berry Blog said...

How sad for both of you. I know how you adore each other and in spite of his restless demanding nature, you always have such a good time together.

Sam said...

Poor thing. Little trooper. Who know you were quite the top chef yourself. I've never read about you cooking before.

Joy said...

LOL! I do cook sometimes but not like I used to when Brian was home. I have to do some cooking so I can eat.