Monday, November 9, 2009

We Know!

Cats have amazing hearing ability. A cat’s ear has 30 muscles that control the outer ear (by comparison, human ears only have 6 muscles). These muscles rotate 180 degrees, so the cat can hear in all directions without moving its head.


Bob said...

At our house Carlos is always up first and he feeds the cats.
I was telling him this morning how funny it is that, when I wake up, Tuxedo is no where around, but as soon as I throw off the blankets, he's right there on the bed.
He hears the sheets rustle from the kitchen and he comes running!

Joy said...

Same with Brigit. If I am in various rooms and then either lie on the bed or sit in my favorite reading/napping chair, she's right there in a matter of minutes. She always knows where I am. She comes when I call her if she wants to.

David Dust said...

My cats can hear the food bowls being picked up off the kitchen floor - even if I make attempts to be silent.


lelocolon said...

You are not my real Mom, Geronimo will say that to me. He is a spoil little one. He is not a house cat. But whenever he hears me on the street he acknowledges me.