Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy T-Day!

Trivia: The name of the Pilgrims’second ship was the Speedwell. However, unlike the Mayflower, it had to turn back because it wasn’t seaworthy.

Hope everyone has a good holiday and celebrates it in whatever way means the most to you. I'll be at Mother's with lots of family members. I am thankful for all of them and look forward to spending time with them. I also appreciate my blog friends so much! Let's focus on what we are thankful for and wish for more blessings for all of us. A very Happy Thanksgiving to you all!


Sam said...

Thank you Sunshine. I'm really loving this holiday season for some reason.
Aint life grand!

frogponder said...

All our company has left and Eldest is back in Seattle. Still nice to have a weekend ahead of us.

Mark in DE said...

Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving!