Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Beanie Baby Trivia

The man behind the Beanie Babies phenomenon of the late 1990s is still quite a mystery. Ty Warner has shunned interviews, and the company’s financial records and phone number are hard to find. Reports in 1999 identified Warner as a billionaire and the richest toy maker in the world. He purchased New York’s Four Seasons luxury hotel for $275 million.

Mother has a collection of these, and my grandson Brendan plays with them every time we go there. He loves them and knows all their names.


Gwyn said...

We have sooo many Beanie Babies in our attic. Ricky even built a house shaped frame that Sarah had hanging on her bedroom wall with Beanies sitting in all the little squares in the frame. He also built Michael this tree type thing,with elastic bands that he hung the Beanie thru. Kinda like a coat rack, with lots of prongs, with Beanie Babies hangin' from them.

I guess we'll drag 'em out for the grandkids one day....ooorrr....I COULD SELL THEM ON EBAY !! Hey my next big Ebay sell-a-thon !!

Kyle said...

Joy, if Stan and I had that much money we'd be recluses too.

lelocolon said...

The first time I saw them, my remark was great more garbage in the making. But I remember touching one of them and feeling soft about them. There is something to the beanie babies. I however have opted for not buying one. But I have received them as gifts and I play with them and them give them to my children a gifts.

Joy said...

I'd do a lot of traveling, Kyle, but wouldn't want to be too reclusive.

Gwyn, you have options.

Lelocolon, you are so sweet and kind! I just love you!

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