Wednesday, November 11, 2009

It Works!

Target has Tim Tams, which are Australian cookies, in their stores from October until March. Pepperidge Farms makes the ones sold here, and of course I bought some. They're supposed to be the same cookie, but I'm not sure they are exactly. I need some more from Australia to be sure. Those are made by Arnott, and both companies are owned by Campbell Soup Company. I found that I can order the original ones on Amazon without paying the expensive shipping cost that I did when I ordered them online from Australia. The variety isn't available here that there is there, but at least they have some of them.

Pseudonymph from Rad Mamblings on my blog list sent me my first ones and got me hooked! I just ate those but didn't try the Tim Tam Slam. That I did this afternoon and wow!! I bit off opposite corners of the Tim Tam and then sucked coffee into it. It will hold together for you to pop it in your mouth quickly and enjoy heavenly melty mocha taste wonderment!

It goes by many names: the Tim Tam Slam, the Tim Tam Bomb, the Tim Tam Suck, the Tim Tam Explosion.

Whatever you decide call it, your coffee break will never be the same.

Tim Tams are the creation of Arnott’s -- an Australian biscuit (cookie) company now substantially owned by Campbell’s Soup Company.

The biscuit (remember, we call ‘cookies’ biscuits) is a delightful construction of a chocolate biscuit with a chocolate cream center all of which is then covered in chocolate.

The Tim Tam Slam is an Australian coffee break ritual.

The method is simple:

1. First, have your hot coffee/ tea/ chocolate ready in front of you.
2. Then bite off each end of the Tim Tam.
3. Next, place one bitten end of the Tim Tam in your mouth and dip the other bitten end in the hot drink.
4. Now suck. Use the Tim Tam as a straw. As the hot drink is pulled through the biscuit, the structure of the biscuit and cream collapses.
5. Once you sense the drink on your tongue, pop the whole Tim Tam in your mouth before it explodes!

This was the invention of bored or creative Australians playing with their food. It was, though, gratefully adopted by Arnott’s in their advertising campaigns. I have no idea why Arnott’s chose the name "Tim Tam Suck" over the other two. To me, "Tim Tam Suck" sounds like the title of a complaint letter than a sensual assault-by-chocolate.

The only complaint they are ever likely to hear is that there are only 11 biscuits per packet. It’s just mean. Eleven is a prime number. Someone is always going to be short a Tim Tam. That’s why when I go Tim Tam shopping, I always get two.


Miss Ginger Grant said...

Auntie Flame: leave it to you to figure out the math! 2 packs solves the equation! LOVE IT!

Kyle said...

Tim Tams, yum!

Sam said...

sounds so good!!! bring on the tim tama