Monday, November 23, 2009

My Blog

I changed the number of posts on my page and think it made it load more quickly. It's been really slow. Let me know if you notice a difference. I do but will make other changes if it's still too slow.


Bob said...

I notice the difference. It is much much quicker. Used to be I'd head to your page and while it loaded I'd do some laundry and cook a meal.
Now, it's wham-bam-thank you Joy!

Dan said...

much much quicker Auntie Flame

lelocolon said...

Bob is so funny. Love him. I have not noticed. I have very little time now to blog myself to busy with work.

Joy said...

Cute, Bob! That's about right! :-)

This is one of the things David, Maddie, and I discussed during the weekend. So I looked at it and made some changes. I can still learn!