Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Since I don't follow country music regularly, I watch the awards shows to know who they are. I like awards shows anyway and watch most of them. The local news has had pieces on it all week since it's held in Nashville again. It's better when it's in Nashville.

Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood are hosting it and are doing a good job. They started off making fun of Kanye West by singing a parody of "Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys" with a line in it about cowboys being too polite to interrupt. It was funny and worked. Carrie told Brad he smelled really good and went on about it. He said he was wearing MacGraw. Faith Hill was cracking up and so was Tim. Then Carrie said she had on Faith Hill Parfum.

Hey, did you know Darius Rucker of Hootie and the Blowfish has had three country music hits in a row!! He was on the awards show and is nominated for Male Vocalist of the Year. I had no idea about that until this week. What about you, Howard? Did you know this? He just won Best New Artist of the Year. Well, yes, new country artist. He's been around the music block more than a few times.

Btw, it's called country music, not country and western music. I've had this conversation with Charlie many times and believe he's finally caught on. I'm still working on getting him to say "jeans" instead of "denims" and am making progress.

The Judds just came out to present an award. K. T. Oslin cracked me up one time calling them Nairobi and Wyoming. I don't know what kind of makeup Wynona has on but she's too bronze and almost orange like Michael Kors but with that flaming bright hard-to-describe sort of burgundy neon orange hair and pink lipstick. Yep, as bad as it sounds. Naomi looked frumpy and not in good health. She looked healthy on Can You Duet when she was a judge and mentor.

Sugarland won Duo of the Year. They were surprised since this is the last time Brooks and Dunn perform together. The hosts sang a version of "DIVORCE" to them at the beginning of the show. I like Sugarland.

Nicole Kidman is sitting on the front row with her husband Keith Urban who is nominated for Entertainer of the Year. I hope he gets it. I'm not that big a fan of Taylor Swift who is the youngest ever to be nominated for it. She's really popular with teenagers, but her singing doesn't do much for me. Have I mentioned that I hate Twilight which is also popular with teenage girls. LOL

Hmm, Keith has big feet. Did you notice that?

Brad Paisley won Male Vocalist of the Year. Crap! Taylor Swift won Entertainer of the Year.

Good show and lots of fun!


Howard said...

LOL. I did know Hootie went country, and find it funny. Mostly, cause his country sounds like the barband pop he and the Blowfish used to do. I love Sugarland, but wasn't thrilled with the live performance. Speaking of not thrilled, Tim should be happy he is pretty, cause that live perf was Gawd awful.

Joy said...

The sound sucks at the Sommet Center. It's the arena the Predators play hockey. I've been to concerts there where it sounded pretty good but not as good as at the Opry House, which has good acoustics.

I thought you'd know about Hootie!

Bob said...

I made Carlos switch over from Glee when Keith urban sang, but he sets my guitar a'twaning.
And I'm with you on Taylor Swift. I don't get it--nor do I get the Twi-hype.

Stacey said...

Thank you for the recap! I didn't get to watch. Now I am going to try to find videos of Darius and the opening "Mamas Don't Let Your Babies..."