Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Some of you discovered from the news that there was a computer glitch with a router that caused delays in many flights, including ours to Philadelphia. We got to the Nashville airport parking lot at 8:30. Our flight was originally supposed to leave at 10:20, but it was postponed until 11:20 and then 12:15 and 1:15. We boarded the plane around 2:00 and waited again on the runway, so we spent way too long at the airport! It was a bumpy ride through dense clouds as we got near Philadelphia where it was raining.

I had one of those nights before the flight where I couldn't sleep because I kept thinking about how I had to get up early to be on time at the airport and then reviewed what I packed over and over. So I didn't get but about an hour and a half of sleep because I also woke up about an hour before the alarm was supposed to go off and couldn't go back to sleep. Tina said she did almost the same thing. When we got to our room, we noticed that we had a handicapped room, which meant we had lots of space and lights on the fire alarm and for the phone. We were too tired to go out and ate dinner at the hotel restaurant Annex.

My bed was comfortable, and we watched some TV. We wanted to watch Project Runway but no Lifetime. It felt good to be at our destination and relax after the day we had.

The view from our window was great! City Hall was right out the window. It's a beautiful and ornate building. More information HERE.

This is the Masonic Temple. For more information and a look inside, check HERE.

Friday morning I explored the Reading Terminal Market where all kinds of produce, flowers, crafts, food, and just about anything is sold. I had breakfast there and had a good omelet, toast, and coffee. I tried scrapple and don't like it. It's some kind of greige mushy glop that has been formed into a square and fried. I took one small bite and was sorry. Now I know what it is. I watched them make a Philly cheese steak and decided not to try one. They probably have all the fat grams and cholesterol for a year in them. Heavy!

When Tina got out of her sessions, we went back to the Market and looked around some more. It was so crowded that I knew I wouldn't be able to digest from having the nervous heebie jeebies with so many people scrunching me up. Tina agreed, so we ate at an Italian restaurant on the corner - Maggiano's Little Italy. Quite good food and wine.

Here is Tina talking on the phone standing outside it. More HERE.

The rest of the day was fairly uneventful but restful. We ordered room service, which is from Chili's, and watched several episodes of Criminal Minds. Sorry for the dullness of my life, but I like it. I also like not having any drama in it right now. Tina needed the rest, and I was glad to be somewhere else for a while.

Next - photos of the nephews and sightseeing during WAFD (Wholesome Auntie Flame Day)!


Anonymous said...

You seem to live a much busier lifestyle than I do! Love all the pictures I felt as if I was there with you,its so true that pictures paint a thousand words!

Bob said...

Love the pictures.
I've neevr been to Philadelphia so I appreciate your tour guiding me through photos.
Scrapple? No. Any food with the word CRAP in it is off my list!

Kyle said...

Low drama is good Joy. Can't wait to here more about the trip. Have a good holiday!

frogponder said...

My goodness! All that history. That is one thing about living in the PNW - we are comparatively rare and new - and we really notice it when we've gone back East.

Beth said...

When we were there, I had to try a Philly Cheesesteak, despite the obviously high fat content. I was glad I did, because it was unbelievably delicious! I don't eat stuff like that often, so I really enjoy it when I do! Hugs, Beth

Howard said...

Scrapple was never meant to be eaten, at least I wholeheartedly think! Great pictures.

mistress maddie said...

Auntie you could get a second job with talent like that! City Hall is one of my all time favorite buildings for architecture, I don't know if I told you that before. Excellent pictures!

Mark in DE said...

Ugh, what an ordeal with your flight! Reading Terminal Market is nice, but like you, I feel claustrophobic there.