Monday, July 30, 2012


I'm spending most of my time now watching the Olympics.  I love the Olympics and all it stands for.  The athletes are amazing and the best of the best.  All the training, discipline, sacrifice, and dedication put into what they accomplish is incredible.  Their families, too.  When those interviewers who get in their faces right after a competition act like a silver medal is losing really get on my nerves.  How many people ever get to compete in the Olympics, much less get a medal. 

The stories are so inspiring and interesting.  What must it feel like to be on that level of accomplishment and talent!  They experience incredible happiness and disappointment, but they are there!



the dogs mother said...

We are big fans too! My swim coach was an Olympian, a Hungarian fencer.
Daughter has all the events mapped out and was recording a horse event at 5am this morning. said...

I, too, love to watch. I'm just as impressed with the history and pageantry of the games as I am with the athletes themselves.

I do worry, however, about the insane amount of money that is spent and hope that the immense buildings, unlike some in Beijing, can all be put to good use after the games conclude.