Friday, July 6, 2012

Hot Day and Not in a Good Way

I stayed out of the house as much as possible today.  Right now it's 87 in the house, so the a/c is working some or it would be even hotter since it was 105 today and humid as always.  It's 83 outside, so my house needs to cool down.  Forecast for the next two days is 100, but it's supposed to get cooler Monday to 95.  However, Tuesday and Wednesday are predicted to be 79 and 82.  I hope so!  This is suckful!  (Brendan's word)

I had a long lunch with friends and then went to Mother's after I got a new cover for my iPhone that I'm going to have to take back.  They told me it should fit on my iHome which is what I use to charge it and listen to music.  Wrong.  And I can't get it off the phone!  That thing is totally on there.  The cover has to be off of the phone because any cover is too wide to fit on the docking station. 

Well, isn't this a fascinating post?  LOL


the dogs mother said...

Surprisingly enough we are supposed to reach 100 this weekend. Usually doesn't happen until the first week of August. Even Seattle is going to be in the 80s which will drive them nuts and gasping in the streets. They are such wimps on the coast!

Miss Ginger Grant said...

Stay cool, Auntie Flame!! And no matter what they say about Southern Women and maintaining the good graces of their hairdresser and their stockbroker, you now know what every TRUE Southern woman knows- do WHATEVER you have to do to keep your A/C repairman happy!

mistress maddie said...

You heard Miss Ginger......whatever it takes!!!! You should just come to the beach with us gay boys Bernice!!!!

mrs.missalaineus said...

suckful indeed! stay cool and hydrated- i'm starting to love on the idea of the i-phone but then i'm befuddled and overwhelmed by the amount of i-accoutrements that go with them.


Ken Riches said...

Hopefully this is the last day of the heat, we got to 82 in the house last night, but it is on the rise again already.