Friday, July 6, 2012


My  a/c isn't keeping up with the heat.  I called the place that does plumbing and central heat and air who does work for me, an they can't be here until tomorrow.  She said they are swamped, which I can imagine!  So I'm meeting friends for lunch and then will find some other cool places to go.  Literally.

Anyway, so far it hasn't gotten above 86 in the house, and I slept well last night with a fan pointed toward the bed.  Glad I have that one.  I rarely use it, but need it now.  I have a ceiling fan in the den, so I can watch TV and be on the computer is relative comfort.  I was gone most of the day yesterday and didn't know it wasn't working that well until I got home.  Then it was too late to call the repairmen.  I think it's about 82 in here now.  My ex-husband used to say I had one temperature where I was comfortable, and if it deviated more than 2 degrees in either direction, I was miserable.  He was more perceptive than I thought.  That temperature is 71. 

Two things I don't like are being uncomfortable and inconvenienced.  Otherwise, I'm easy to get along with.   


the dogs mother said...

When MIL was pregnant with The Engineer, in Texas, in the 50s she used to put a bowl of ice in front of the fan and get cooler. (Naked but you don't have to do that... ;-)

David Dust said...

84 degrees in the house?!?!? I would be MISERABLE.

We have 3 air conditioners running in my apartment. I get so cold at night that I have to get under blankets - which is just the way I like it.

Stay cool Auntie Flame!


mrs.missalaineus said...

we run our a/c at 78. i could have it maybe up to 80, i can deal with the heat it's the damn humidity that makes me lethargic and crabby. our gheat index was predicted to be around 110F today, and we drove by one of the houses we were going to bid on before this one that DID NOT have central AC. just glad ours does and it works.

stay cool and i hope the repair peeps make you a priority since you rock!

xxalainaxx said...

Sounds like you need to go to a movie! Two hours in a comfy chair in a cold, dark room ... AWESOME!

Bob said...

We keep our AC at 80, but then we have ceiling fans in most rooms to cool things down.
But hot? Honey no. I still recall being without power after Katrina and no AC and all that heat and humidity. Aw-ful!

Stay cool-ish, CliffieJoy!

Hope said...

You can chill with me anytime!

Joy said...

Yikes, Bob! I can imagine - almost. Horrible.