Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Aspie & His Grandmother

You might not know that those with Asperger's have freakishly good memories.  Brendan can hear something once or twice and has it in his mind.  So you can imagine some of our conversations.  He calls me on the phone regularly several times a week.  Then and when we're together, he teaches me routines he wants me to know.  These might be from a cartoon on the computer he watches, Sesame Street, a song, or who knows where and what.  He used to tell me something once or twice and expect me to recall it verbatim just the way he can until I've convinced him that not everyone has excellent memories like his and his mother's.  I also don't like memorizing things that aren't my idea. 

Now he breaks it down and has me repeat short phrases over and over and over until I get it right.  Drives me nuts!  I finally came up with something that won't help that much but is an effort at least.  I told him I don't have room in my mind to remember all these extra things he asks me to because my brain is almost full from all the years of things I have to remember.  I have to use the room I have for things I'll need to remember during the rest of my life.

It comes in handy that he has that memory because it's like having a nine-year-old Google with me.  His latest thing is to tell how Opry Mills Mall has changed since it was completely redone inside after the flood.  He goes through it store by store by restaurant by everything to say what was there and what replaced it.  Life is never dull with that kid!


the dogs mother said...

The other day I had to rescue a friend with driving while her car was in the shop. One trip one of her aspie sons came with us. I was kind of honored with that trust. He has troubles with anxiety and I sure did drive carefully!

Bob said...

You should change his name to Google.

I, myself, also have a freakishly good memory, and it drives Carlos crazy.

mrs.missalaineus said...

one of the kids i nanny for is on the spectrum, his obsession is video games, especially anything to do with the mario brothers series of games. when he goes overboard with me i start talking about math. then at least i can be equally obsessive in return. it also makes him stop because he hates hearing about school things.

can he play trivia with you? i think he would be an asset to any competitive team.


Joy said...

He has gone to trivia with us when he doesn't have school or day camp and knew some answers.

Joy said...

Google will be his new nickname, Google Bob!

Ken Riches said...

Google Bob, love it!