Friday, October 28, 2011

Tempest in a Dancing Teapot

For those of us who have watched DWTS ever since it began, we know how Bruno is over the top with his praise and criticism.  He is enthusiastic to say the least!  So ... when he said that Chaz was like "a cute little penguin trying to be a big menacing bird of prey," it was a commentary on his dancing and his performance.  The tango is the ballroom version of the paso doble and both are dances of seduction and the passion of love and hate.  Chaz didn't pull any of that off.  He actually did look like a cute little penguin in his tux and like a cuddly Ewok in his furry vest but not a fat troll as Chaz interpreted it.  Chaz is fat.  Who can deny that?  He can't dance well.  Obviously.  He's not an actor and couldn't manage to play a role required of some of the dances.  He's the daughter of iconic celebrities who had a double mastectomy and takes testosterone.  His girlfriend said that's made him more aggressive and angry.  'Roids, anyone?  Legally he's a man, however that's done, who wanted to help others in the same situation who could be inspired by his appearance on the show.  That's a separate issue.  Bruno is gay, flaming even, and has probably been around transgendered people.  Not the point. They were all very PC about Chaz.  That's just how Bruno gives critiques.  Cher admits that she never watched the show before Chaz was on and took offense at the criticism of the judges when they were actually kinder to Chaz than to many other celebrity competitors who are and have been on DWTS.  There are probably others who had their feelings hurt, too, but it's part of being judged, isn't it? 

Maks is another deal altogether.  He blows up at the judges periodically.  Bet there were all kinds of fireworks when he and Karina were engaged! 


froggy said...

It is part and parcel of DWTS from what I can see. Better to concentrate on moving forward acceptance of transgendered people than focusing on complaining about the critiques. Fat people are always up for making fun of - it just is. More important is the issue he was there for in the first place.

Bob said...

Actually, Chaz is the son of iconic celebrities. he may have been born their daughter, but he is now their son.

You know i don't do DWTS, but I saw him dance a couple of times, and he was awful. I think he got votes because of his mother, and he got votes because of who he is and his own personal struggle.

From his Bruno rant, I gathered that he was more upset that it's okay to call a fat man names, but the judges never called Kirstie an Ewok or a penguin or any other way of saying she was fat.

Joy said...

Bruno wasn't saying Chaz is fat but that he's cute and cuddly. The other judges also said that performance wasn't suited to his personality. I do watch the show and have since the beginning and know what I'm talking about here. I think I was clear.

All of the judges have commented on the appearance of other contestants, male and female, during various seasons. I don't think Chaz watched the show before, either. They were careful and PC with him and weren't that hard on his bad dancing. You should hear what they say to others! This was mild.

Your first sentence in your comment, Bob: that's what I said basically. Legally Chaz is a man. Physically he hasn't had complete gender reassignment surgery, and all those hormones probably have an effect emotionally. He and his girlfriend said they did in that documentary. That might explain his misinterpretation of what Bruno said. I didn't hear about anything else that might have been said to or about him from the show. He got his feelings hurt. Move on.

Chaz made his point by being on the show. ABC did their part, too. I hope this helps people who need to know it gets better and gives others more tolerance and understanding.

Sam said...

When did Sonny Bono become an Icon?
Anyho, I've just been waiting to comment on this post Joy.
The first thing I would like to make clear is that we have all forgot the true meaning of STAR.
Being the child of a Star does not make one a star but when did DWTS choose stars. right?
Has anyone else here followed Chaz and his run of reality shows? and I'm not talking about Becoming Chaz either.
Look, I may not know how to constuct a sentence but I do know bat shit fucking crazy when I see it.
Everyone needs to calm the fuck down.
This is the CHILD of a famous couple with years of substance abuse and instability between all them. Does it surprise any of us she is still dying for attention?
So someone called you fat?
Simon Cowell has called several contestants fat in the past. No uproar.
But, OH NO this is CHER'S child!!!
What's Chaz going to do now? Cut herself in half to be thin? yes, and then she will follow it up with a reality series on how fucking happy she is now that she FINALLY FOUND OUT WHAT was wrong with her all these years.
OH gawd am I the only one that sees this.
Chaz is addicted to several things and seeing I'm a betting fag, I'd be happy to bet the farm that her problems are numerous, and I'll go out on a fucking limb and say her sexual gender has not one thing to do with it.
What I love is that the media has really pulled a fox news spin on this whole debacle.
What really fucking pisses me off is that they put Carson and Chaz on together during the same season.
A real fuck you to the Gay community I think.
What the hell was the blog post about?
Oh yeah.
Chaz is fat, and watching her dance was one of the most uncomfortable things ever.
OH, this one last thing.
Chaz has just signed up to start a new reality show called
Being Chaz.
NO shit, damn I couldn't have scripted this shit any better.
damn I good.