Monday, October 24, 2011

DWTS 13 - Week 6

It's Broadway musical night and no Carson Kressley.  He should be on and Chaz should not.  He was graciously in the audience.  I just love him!

Rob and Cheryl danced a cha-cha from the Jersey Boys song "Walk Like A Man" (which I'm glad wasn't the song Chaz got because that would have been ironic).    Btw, some of you might remember that I'd just seen Jersey Boys when I missed the last step outside TPAC, fell, and got all kinds of attention.  It was right after Natasha Richardson's sudden death from her head injury when she was skiing.  Several theater-goers asked if I'd hit my head and gathered around me.  I assured them that it was my knees and hands that hit the sidewalk and not my head.  On to the dancing ...  Well, I have to say that Rob showed more personality than he has been (which still isn't much - maybe he's just shy).  He sort of fumbles around on the dance floor and doesn't have much rhythm, but it was OK.  Len said he was stiff and starchy, and who knows what Bruno and Carrie Ann were trying to say.  Score - 22

Nancy and Tristan danced the foxtrot to "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life" from Spamalot, which is coming to TPAC in January.  I missed it last time it was on and plan to go then since Monty Python and the Holy Grail is my favorite movie.  Another memory with this is when I was talking with my residents when I had neck surgery after the chemo massacre and told them when I got there that I wasn't quite dead.  They launched into lines from the movie and how we all laughed!!  But I digress.  Nancy is getting on Tristan's nerves.  Surprise!  She wants to make their routines more difficult but when he adds that to it, she doesn't learn it or complains that it wasn't what she had in mind.  Since when is she a choreographer?  The judges said this was a good job and entertaining.  I didn't think she did that well and looked stiff and unmusical.  Len said so, too.  Score - 24.

Tom Bergeron is so good at moving the show along, smoothing ruffled feathers, and adding humor.  He introduced Carson who was invited back since it was Broadway musical week.  He said he was the creative director of the group dance and was there cheering them on.  Very funny moment when Maks stumbled and Carson rushed to him and said, "Oh no!  You could have died!" and hugged him.  Any excuse!  I get it.

David and Kym did a quickstep to "We Go Together" from Grease.  I don't have any interesting memories from this play/movie except that I was a teenager in the late 50's and early 60's.  David wears thin after a while.  His voice is kind of smarmy and his giggle when he talks is annoying.  I'm glad he shaved.  He looks better and danced well, too.  I like him better when he doesn't talk.  Courtney and Coco were there as always.  I think maybe Coco resembles her aunt Patricia, but it's hard to tell for sure that young.  The judges said he was entertaining and energetic.  Score - 23. 

Ricki and Derek also did the quickstep.  Their song was "Luck Be A Lady"  from Guys and Dolls.  It would have been wrong for them to have a song from Hairspray.  Unfair advantage.  Loved this performance!  Entertaining, energetic, sophisticated, and wow!!  Ricki looked smashing in a gold dress.  Might just see some 10's on this!  The audience and judges thought so, too!  They raved!  Score - 29!  Don't know why Len didn't give them a 10, too, after he said he loved it.

Chaz and Lacey are dancing a tango to Phantom of the Opera.  OMG!  OMG!  OMG!  I don't know if I can watch this.  I have a commercial to prepare for it.  The tango is an intense, passionate give and take of love and hate and is the ballroom version of the paso doble.  The good dancers usually get really hot and heavy during it.  I don't want to watch Chaz try to act passionate to Lacey.  Sorry.  Just don't.  He cannot dance and stumbles around awkwardly.  He wore a tuxedo and the mask and got through the routine.  The mask helped.  The judges said this role wasn't suited to his personality.  In fact, Bruno said it was like a cute little penguin trying to be a big menacing bird of prey.  So true!  So far Bruno has called Chaz an Ewok and now this.  Cher tweeted about it and was obviously pissed.  Score - 19.  I'd like to think that low score will eliminate Chaz, but it never stops the Cher fans from voting for him, especially now that they are in an uproar about Bruno.  Check the Twitter outrage.  It's past time for him to go.

Hope and Maks danced a rumba to a song from Rent.  Hope dances like an athlete.  Maks brought in three women dancers from the troupe to help her which did when they were there but not the next day.  He kept telling her to hold her hand out like a girl.  Tug thinks she's a lesbian, which might explain why she responded better to the women dancers and said she wished she could be half as sexy as they are.  The judges said Hope is still holding back and then an argument broke out.  Really!  A big one!  Maks talked back to Len and said how much the contestants put into their dances and how hard they worked.  He was defending Hope.  Len said it's not just about effort but dancing and that half of the criticism went to Maks.  It went downhill from there!  Then when Brooke talked with them before the score, Maks said this was his show and that he helped make it what it is.  Whew!  The judges got even with their scores!  Wonder if Maks will quit the show after this season.  He butts heads with Len especially and this got uncomfortable to watch.  I hope not.  He is easy to look at and has helped make the show what it is.  Score - 20. 

J. R. and Karina danced a quickstep to a lively song from All That Jazz.  It was the most difficult choreography Karina said she's done on the show and added that she has faith in his ability to do it.  And he did!  It was lively, energetic, precise, and fun.  Wow!  Score - 29! 

The group dance was to "Big Spender" and "Money Money"  from Sweet Charity and Cabaret.  Even I know that Sweet Charity was choreographed by Bob Fossey and have heard how difficult and precise his dances are from a special Shirley MacLaine did on TV.  Probably the choreographer Kevin Maher is doing his own thing for this and not necessarily having them do it the way it was on the stage.  What an enjoyable performance!  Good job!

Ricki and J.R. are still at the top and will be the finalists.  It's anybody's guess who will go tomorrow night.  Chaz and Hope are on the bottom of the leader board, but the voters will speak.  We know who I think should go, but it could be Hope, Rob, Nancy, or David.  I can't predict. Next week they'll have two dances, I think.  If not, it will be soon.  That is hard on them and weeds more out. 


froggy said...

DavidA is about to dance here. Hope is supposed to have a boyfriend but who knows. I loves that we get some more Carson magic this week. DWTS knows who has the real stuff.

Anonymous said...

Last night’s show was a big hot mess. The judges all talk at the same time and nobody can hear any of them. I thought we were taught not to do this by the third grade. I thought Rob and Nancy did ok, David and Chaz did ok-minus, Ricki and JR did a great job and … try as I might … I still can’t stand Hope Solo. I don’t think I could spend an hour in a room with her without calling her names. I predict that she’ll be going home tonight (if for no other reason than because Maks was a dick!) and giving Chaz another chance to walk in a circle and point his hands to the sky.