Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I expected it but am still pissed off.  Chaz remains on the show and Carson was voted off.  Neither is a good dancer, but Carson is entertaining.  Chaz is not.  It's time for the Cher followers to back off.  Point made.  Now time for Chaz to go. 

This is the way I reacted when Master P, Billy Ray Cyrus, and Kate Gosselin stayed on way too long and people who could dance were gone.  So there! 


froggy said...

Nooooooooooooooo!!! I loves Carson! His enthusiasm and humor were so fun.

David Dust said...




mistress maddie said...

You go on with your bad self Auntie, work it, but don't wreck it! Preach sister!!!! I had some gin tonight!

Anonymous said...

This week, I actually think Chaz did better than Carson so I wasn't all that disappointed. He was a very graceful loser (unlike Kristin). I think next week will see Nancy Grace leave and then Chaz the following week. For me, this feels like payback for the Bristol Palin tomfoolery.

Wonder Man said...

tell the truth