Monday, October 10, 2011

DWTS 13 - Week 4

This week's theme - movie scores.  This week's big news - Cher in the audience.  She tweeted to her minions that she would appear if Chaz made it another week.  Don't get me wrong, I love Cher, and other dancetestants have stayed on too long past their dance ability should allow.  Chaz cannot dance well and really should have gone last week.  In the tradition of Master P, Billy Ray Cyrus, and others, he'll probably be on a while longer because of Cher's fan base.  No, it's not all about the dancing even at the end.  The best dancers are nearly always in the finale, but the best dancer doesn't always win.  The judges' scores count half, but the voters count the other half and we know how voting can go.  Well, to be honest, I vote for the ones I like most among the best dancers.  

Now for the competition ... but first about parents in the audience, I always teared up when I saw Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne there for Kelly.  She's adorable and it was all so sweet!  Kelly's and Ozzy's smiles are just alike and they glowed. 

Chynna and Tony began the evening with a tango to the theme from Mission Impossible.  Chynna's footwork seemed awkward and stumbly in places.  I was right.  The judges said she lost the thread but not her composure.  They said what she did, she did well and to relax and have fun.  Score - 21

David and Kym did a paso doble to an Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark theme.  Courtney and Coco are there again cheering him on along with two sisters this week, Patricia and Rosanna.  Kym told him they should dance for themselves and enjoy it.  He swung in on a rope and wielded a whip.  He did pretty well with good moves and a paso doble attitude.  Standing ovation from the audience and Bruno!  Carrie Ann loved it, too, but not Len.  Argument ensued between the judges.  Tom Bergeron does such a good job on this show and can move things along and calm or energize as needed.  Score - 23

Carson and Anna danced a Viennese waltz to The Curse of the Black Pearl - Pirates of the Caribbean.  This should be interesting.  He was concerned that pirates had to be all butch and then said he thought about how they wore tight pants, open shirts, and looked for jewelry and decided he could do it.  They had sword fighting lessons from a really hot guy which pleased all of us.  The waltz parts of the dance were good, but I'm not sure how the judges will like the extras thrown in that did fit with the pirate theme.  We'll see.  It was definitely entertaining!  Carrie Ann said this was his most butch performance but that his technique was lacking.  Len said it was entertaining but terrible.  Bruno said it was Pirates of the Caribbean 5:  Revenge of the Gay Blade!  Score - 20

I usually fast forward the DVR but had to watch the Puss 'n Boots commercial because well Antonio Banderas.  Enough said.  Thank goodness I didn't have to watch that one again about the poor guy married to that bitch who criticized him in that horrible tone of voice for signing them up for free calling with unlimited texting.  I'm glad I don't use AT&T.  I hate that woman and feel sorry for her husband.  

Nancy and Tristan paso doble to the theme from Flash Gordon.  Tristan told Nancy to have the same attitude with this dance that she has on her show.  She did have the attitude and most of the technique and did pretty well.  After Mel B's paso with Maks, it's hard for any of them to measure up to that one.  The judges said she had no expression and there was no excitement to her dance, except for Carrie Ann who said her technique was good.  There really wasn't that fire, passion, and connection with the audience that makes the dance entertaining.  Score - 21

Hope and Maksim are dancing a Western foxtrot to "You Have a Friend in Me" from Toy Story.  Hope and Maks butted heads which is typical for him and his partners.  They have to have that personality to work with him.  It was a light, entertaining dance.  Hope was awkward at times and isn't as smooth as she could be.  Bruno and Carrie Ann praised her, but Len said she needed to work harder and could go all the way if she did.  She's still playing soccer and has to rehearse for this, too!  Score - 24.

It's a grouchy Len night.  Last week he was downright cheerful.

Rob and Cheryl are dancing the paso doble to Superman.  Rob's working hard and said he has no life outside of this competition and wants to do well.  His technique was pretty good but there was no intensity and passion that this dance requires.  He seems like a sweet guy.  The judges said he did well and gave him a 24.

Ricki and Derek danced a tango to Psycho.  Derek had a hard time choreographing their dance to this song and said the tempo made it difficult.  He can do it though, I'm sure.  Ricki got very frustrated and wasn't sure she could do it.  However, it was wonderful - very dramatic and intense and so tango!  Wow!  Standing O from the audience!  The judges agreed.  Might be a first 10 of the season.  Score 29!!  Am I good or what?  Yes!!

Chaz and Lacey danced a paso doble to the theme from Rocky.  Not sure how this will go.  Not good.  Not a paso doble.  This was better than his other dances, and I did get choked up watching Cher.  She didn't get a lot of camera time but was there along with Cher's mother, her sister, and his girlfriend who is there every week.  Score - 21.

J. R. and Karina danced a foxtrot to the Pink Panther theme.  Good job!  Smooth, graceful, entertaining, and connected to the audience.  Carrie Ann didn't like it that well and thought the humor didn't work for her.  Len said he was the best male dancer of the night.  Bruno said he was great.  Odd judging tonight.  Score - 26.

Carson and Anna are at the bottom, but as we know it depends on the voters now.  Based on dancing, the best ones are Ricki and J. R.  Who do you think will go home next?


froggy said...

Just coming on here - I cheat and read your recap - also in case I can't stay awake. Glad to see Hope in a cute costume and not the hoochie mama one of last week.

Anonymous said...

I think we'll lose Nancy Grace or Hope this week. I was really disappointed by the high scores that the judges gave to Chyna after she completed forgot what she was doing and really blew it!

Sam said...

By bye bye Chynna chynna chynna. I haven't watched the dances.
I like reading your recap then watching the show,
I would say something about Chaz but I don't want to stir the pot.

Joy said...

I agree about Chynna's undeserved high scores compared with some others.

Joy said...

Agree, Froggy! The hoochie mama look is not for Hope.