Monday, October 3, 2011

DWTS 13 - Week 3

The dancetestants chose songs that reflected a memorable year in their lives.  As you might expect, these songs were highly emotional and brought back all kinds of memories (as songs do for us).  It was touching.

Rob Kardashian chose "Fly Me to the Moon" since it was his father's favorite song, and he danced it as a tribute for the year his father died when he was 15.  He and Cheryl danced the foxtrot.  He's improving.  Len even praised him and said he put the "dash" in Kardashian.  Score was 24!

Chynna Phillips chose "Hold On" to dance the rumba.  Wilson Phillips recorded this song which she wrote during depression and drug/alcohol abuse, and it reminds her of how far she's come.  This was not a sexy rumba, but the judges thought she did really well.  Technically it was very good but is supposed to be smoldering, and she got the first nines (two of them) of the season.  The Wilson sisters were in the audience showing their support.  Score - 26.

Chaz Bono's song was one his dad wrote "Laugh at Me" since this year is his happiest year.  He attempted a rumba but is in that group who have sort of walked through their dances.  Len must be taking happy pills tonight.  Even so, all the judges gave him 6's which equals 18.  Time to go. 

Kristin Cavallari chose "Crazy in Love" for 2005 when she graduated from high school and moved to LA.  She and Mark danced the samba which is supposed to be energetic and sexy.  The judges thought she did a good job and gave her a 24.

Carson Kressley danced a tango to "It's My Life" for the year Queer Eye aired.  He said when the judges said he danced so badly brought back all those years he was pointed out in gym class for not being athletic.  This was good!  Technically he had the footwork and moves!  Bruno, Carrie Ann, and even Len loved it!!  Score - 23.

J. R. Martinez told about when he was injured in the war and chose "If You're Reading This" for all the men and women who didn't make it home.  Their rumba was emotional and did everyone in.  The audience applauded for a very long time, and I cried because of that damned war and the song that says it all.  Whew!  He dances very well, and Karina's choreography was excellent.  Two nines and an eight for 26 points.

Nancy Grace danced to "Moon River" because it was the first lullaby she sang to her twins after their touch-and-go birth.  They danced a lovely but technically erratic waltz.  The twins were very squirmy in their dad's lap which is normal for having to sit that long and watch dancing for any little ones.  Score was 21.

Ricki Lake danced to "Gravity" about her husband and how she felt when she fell in love with him.  This was a sensuous rumba filled with personal meaning and technicality.  The judges were wowed by her dancing and Derek's choreography.  Wow!!  Three 9's!!  27!

Hope Solo danced the cha-cha to "Tonight" which she said gives her energy before games.  Her teammates were there.  Hope's cha-cha was much better than her other dances, but she's not very graceful.  The judges commented on her walk which will work well for the Paso Doble but not so much for the dances so far.  Still, a good job with a score of 24.

David Arquette chose to dance his rumba to "Oo Oo Child" for his daughter.  It does sound as if his marriage might be over which I was hoping they could salvage since they seem to care about each other.  I know from experience that isn't enough sometimes.  Courtney and his sister Patricia cheered him along with Coco and nieces.  He's still awkward but improving.  Best dance he's done.  David seems so sweet and tries so hard.  Score is 24!

Based on dancing, Chaz should go home tomorrow night.  He has that sweet smile and a great attitude, but I don't want to watch him on there any more.  It's painful to watch him try to dance, and that outfit was horribly unattractive. 

I'm not sure in which order they'll be eliminated but think J.R. or Ricki could possibly win this.  What do you think? 


froggy said...

We wondered at Hope's choice of song - a locker room song didn't seem very peppy. Also agree with the middle judge - the dance was over the top in sleez-sexy and the costume was too. Not a good look or dance for all the little soccer girls watching.
Having not watched all the seasons we wondered if Chaz was the first one that danced to a song written and sung by a parent. from the grave so to speak. said...

While I agree with you about Chaz's Flinstone-inspired fashion mistake, I don't think he'll go just yet. I think Nancy Grace and, possibly, Hope Solo will leave before him. If I have to guess right now I'll pick Ricki Lake to win the season.

Joy said...

d&d: The Cher Factor will likely keep Chaz in longer than his lack of dancing ability warrants. This has happened before several times. I agree with you about Ricki's probably being the winner. J.R. is an unexpected surprise with his dancing.

Froggy: I know.

Sam said...

Well, since we have talked these over already. Lol, I'll add that I pray Chaz hits the bricks, her dancing is horrendous as is Hope's too. I'm going with a dark horse and wouldn't be surprised if Nancy was sent packing.
I want Ricki or JR to win.