Monday, October 17, 2011

DWTS 13 - Week 5

This week - the 80's.  Not my favorite decade musically.  Disco?  Shoulder pads?  Big hair? 

The Bangles opened the show with a medley that included "Walk Like An Egyptian."  This set the tone. 

Hope and Maks did the tango.  They don't have much chemistry together, and she still seems uncomfortable dancing.  Still, they got all 8's with a score of 24.  A tango is supposed to show the battle between love and hate.  There was give and take but no passion.  Technically she's doing well, but doesn't have the musicality.  She's better than several others for sure, though.  They are showing child pictures of everyone from the 80's.  Maks looks like the Keebler elf, Tom said.  Maks said he had been kicked out of a school play because he was bad.  Hope said she had on a dress.  They were cute. 

Carson and Anna dance a jive.  Maybe he'll do better with this if he can keep under control.  He's such an entertainer, and I hope he stays a while.  Well, it was definitely fun and lively.  They were cheerleaders!  He did better.  Bruno said it was a crowning achievement in madness and that he crammed so much nonsense into a minimal jive.  Carrie Ann agreed.  Len said if he were judging with his heart, Carson would be back next week but he has to judge with his head.  Carson said let's let America decide and was not discouraged.  Aww, their score was 19.  No pictures of them as kids.  :-(  Carson said he was class of '87 which means he's Brian's age. 

Nancy and Tristan did a rumba which is supposed to be intense and passionate.  Nancy said she was a cheerleader in the 80's.  Tristan told Nancy to let him finish his sentences and that he'd seen her to this on her show.  They bickered a while and she finally listened to him.  The judges said she seems to hold back but that she danced well.  Score is 22.

J. R. and Karina danced a samba.  He said being Latin should help him with the samba since he grew up dancing with his mother.  Karina said his dancing was un-Latin, so they went to the Conga to experience the music and dancing.  The drummer was Sheila E.  He said this week the judges would see Jose Rene Martinez dance.  He did it!  Lively and exciting!  The audience and judges loved it.  Score is 28 with a 10 from Bruno!

Rob and Cheryl did a rumba.  Cheryl said he had to learn to treat her in a sexy way instead of like one of his sisters.  Romeo came in to help him with it.  They're friends and went to USC together.  He almost got it and did much better.  It was a good dance.  The judges praised him.  Score - 25.

Chaz and Lacey did a samba.  Lacey brought her dad, a world-famous dance coach and the King of Swing, in to show Chaz that big men can shake it.  Well, Chaz did better but I'm so ready for him to be voted off.  He's in the category of those it's painful to watch try to dance.  Why can't they say to him what they do to Carson about technique?  And Chaz isn't entertaining like Carson is!  Score - 21.
David and Kym did a tango.  Woo Hoo!  Good job!  He danced and showed the emotions the need to go with a tango.  The judges said he's improved and could be a contender.  Score - 25.

Ricki and Derek danced a foxtrot.  John Waters came by rehearsal because Hairspray was in the 80's which started her career.  Graceful, fun dance!  I think I had a dress a lot like the one she danced in back then.  Wish I were still that size.  The judges said their timing was off when they weren't in hold.  Ricki is losing some weight.  Score - 24.

It's between J. R. and Ricki to win.  

Next week - Broadway tunes.  That should be interesting.  


froggy said...

Got all the fellow/sister high schoolers watching tonight. (Eldest and GB got home.) We do all agree with you. Right now Chaz is up next.

Joy said...

I'm afraid it won't be, though, because of the Cher voters. Probably not for a few weeks unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing we'll lose Carson, Hope and Nancy before Chaz goes home. I DO NOT LIKE HOPE SOLO. I think the votes that they're getting are really for Maks. I still pick Ricki Lake to win but Rob and David aren't out of the picture yet.

Sam said...

Omg. Whenever I see himer dance I remember why my fat ass don't dance no more. It's a horrible look.
DON'T SHOOT ME, I'm overweight too!!!
I felt Ricki dialed it back some so that no one feels she's a shoe in.
Hope Solo dances is not the competitor I felt she was.