Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fall Break

My teacher friends are on fall break here, so I've been able to do things during the day with them. The trees are turning colors, but it's been so dry here that the leaves are falling off before there's a chance for the beauty we usually have here. It rained some the last two days, so that might help with the fall colors. These were taken last year of across the street and my back yard. Not as colorful this year but might get there.

I watched most of the rescue of the Chilean miners and the special Diane Sawyer hosted last night about them. The world watched with hope and happiness that they survived and were rescued. What a tribute to the human spirit that they did so well! Chile accepted help from experts around the world but is known for taking effective action during disasters. I wish for the best for those 32 men and their families and loved ones after this life-changing experience!


froggy said...

Sloooowly our leaves are turning. Lows in the 20s (!!!) expected next week so that will help.

Wonder Man said...

It was good to see them saved

David Dust said...

The Chilean Miner thing is such a feel-good story. I hope those guys get rich and famous and never have to work again. They deserve it.


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Our leaves mostly fell this week, sad :o(