Sunday, October 17, 2010

Computer Woes

I'm having problems with my laptop and hope it's not dying. I mostly noticed the problem when I was playing Spider Solitaire that came already on the computer. The screen would freeze, and I'd have to manually turn off the computer which it doesn't like. I have Vista and read online that others had the same problem, so I followed some instructions and after wandering around the internet found a site where I could scan and download updates for drivers. This took quite a while. I haven't tried playing Spider Solitaire again yet, but the screen went black while ago when I was on Twitter. I keep several tabs open all the time - my blog, FB, iGoogle, and Twitter. They are set to come on when I open Firefox. Generally I'll open a few articles I find on Twitter that look interesting and other blogs I read (one at a time).

So now what? Guess I'll have to take it to someone who knows what to do. I'd rather not have to buy a new one or pay a fortune to get it fixed.


Sam said...

Well this isn't good. Geez. All I can say is that Walmart has some cheap laptops. I seen one for 250.
Keep my fingers crossed.

NG said...

Though not necessarily in this order, here's a few things you can do on your own:

1.Go into msconfig and uncheck anything that may be third party, such as Apple, Realplayer.

2. run scandisk and defrag

3. make sure your virus scanner is updated and run a full scan.

4. Get all the Vista updates. All of them.

5. Turn off unwanted processes. To know what they are, and how, goto

6. Consider adding more memory.

Bob said...

I wish I could help, Joy, but when I read your post all I got was this:

fionhaionzonma hlhnuhduhdhelfih lzdhncjshmdclimhv lKHdflkhdc jhSDvlidcvlSD Twitter.

Computer gibberish, but then all computers talk is gibberish ot an illiterate like me.

Hope your laptop gets better.

Aled Hughes said...

Hate to say this, but your best bet is to save all your personal files on a memory stick. Then get rid of Vista. Install Windows XP SP2 - Vista is notoriously unreliable, then reload your files. My laptop was delivered with Vista, and I demanded that XP be installed. Win 7 is supposed to be a better bet than XP, but I have a strong aversion to anything that MickeySoft tells me. If that company had created a car, they would all be in jail now.

Wonder Man said...

if you can, get a MAC. It changed my life, Joy.

Joy said...

I did all that, NG, thanks!

Aled, I'm getting a Mac in the spring during the no-tax weekend. This one needs to hang in there until then.

Funny, Bob! I know what you mean.

NG said...

I don't know about that (re-install to an older OS); I have a Dell Inspiron 600M running Windows XP which gives me all sorts of problems. Instead of a freeze, what happens occasionally or often is there are so many other things happening in the background, the PC begins to lag.

I attribute that to insufficient memory; It's running 512K ram.

(The only reason why I still use that PC, FYI, is because Dell hasn't, and probably won't, update the drivers for my new PC, which is running on W7.)

NonethelesI suspect the same is happening here; insufficient memory.

It would also help if Joy (or you, depending how this is read) identify the make and model of the PC.

Also, Windows XP is going to be retired soon, so I would suppose the option or advice is to upgrade, not the opposite.

mistress maddie said...

Oh auntie, I can't imagine you not on-line!!!! I hope all works out for the best!

NG said...

Clarification: I'm still using an older Dell with XP because of a Dell printer I have.

So are you still experiencing a freeze?

Joy said...

It still freezes or has a black screen once or more a day. I've done everything I can find out about. Last night I uninstalled and reinstalled the NVIDIA drivers. I got something in the mail about a class-action lawsuit against them, and my laptop qualifies as one with a defective chip. I was directed to do that with a program I got online called Driver Whiz. We'll see if that helps. I spend a lot of time waiting.

Vik, I'm ready for my life to change and am getting a Mac in the spring during the no-tax weekend. They had really good deals on them in the fall during that one at the Apple Store in Nashville. I've also considered getting a refurbished one.

NG said...

Well, look on the bright side. You asked for help and some of us managed to save from wasting money on a needless service call from the Geek Squad or someone.

They would have charged you $200 plus or minus.

The other solution would have been to re-install or upgrade to Windows 7, but given the problem seems to be with NVidia and given this problem is two years old, you might as well take WonderMan's suggestion and go for a Mac when you can afford to. Or consider a Windows 7 PC.

Joy said...

This is true! And thanks!