Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Had a great weekend with Brendan. We had lots of fun and made it to school early yesterday morning. The principal of Warner Elementary is so good! I really like her. The principal sets the tone of the school, and that one is calm control. The kids seem relaxed, well-behaved, and loved there. I do know how much Brendan has improved since going to Warner and appreciate them so much.

Monday night we were both concerned about getting up and on the road for the trip to his school. Brendan asked if the alarm clock would be too loud and hurt his ears. I told him I'd set the clock radio so that talking would wake us up. I have it on NPR. That made him feel better.

You know how hard it is to sleep when you know you have to get up early and have a deadline. Well, that's how I was. I think I woke up every hour and then was wide awake at 4:00 AM. I got up at 5:00 and made sure everything was ready and then got him up about 5:20 to have breakfast and get dressed. Traffic cooperated, and we got to school before 7:30. They open the doors at 7:30 and expect students to be in their classrooms at 5:45 but not later than 5:50. We went to the cafeteria which has a corner with seats and books for early students and breakfast for those who want it. Unfortunately, they have typical school cafeteria food. I can get on a soapbox about this. Learning would be facilitated and childhood obesity lessened if they had healthier choices in schools.

I met his CBIP teacher since they need to know he's there. Then we went to his classroom where I met his teacher and talked to her a minute. She asked Brendan if he had a good weekend with his grandmother, and he had a big smile and hugged me while he said, "YES!" I hugged him good-bye and left him in good hands.

The area around his school has some pretty historic homes, so I drove around to look at some of them that have been restored. Then I dropped off his clothes at his house and went to Publix for some grocery shopping. They have some bread there that I really like, and we don't have a Publix in Dickson.

After getting no sleep, I was out of it quite a bit yesterday and groggy. I slept well last night though and am ready to get things done again! Hope all of you are well. Sounds as if some of you had lots of activity, fun, and rest during the weekend.

PS: Friends invited us over for dinner Monday evening. Brendan sat in the living room with Carl, who was watching football. Since he's an Auburn graduate and fan, he taught Brendan to cheer for the War Eagles. Take that, Mike in Bama! LOL


froggy said...

Nice when things work out for a change!

Wonder Man said...

I actually miss Publix

mrs. miss alaineus said...

we don't have publix here- from what i have heard they are really nice places to shop.

glad your gs got off to a good day after his long weekend.


lelocolon said...

Brendan is a Hero. It is interesting to learn from children, all they need is love and they respond.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Glad you had such a great weekend. I know how you feel about the needing to get up. I hardly ever wake to my alarm any more. I get a good 3-4 hours sleep, then toss and turn.