Monday, September 13, 2010


I haven't felt so good for the last several days. I need to, so I can enjoy this beautiful weather we're having. And I will. How are all of you?

Update on the car - AAA came out and jumped the battery. Then he removed those bulbs from the lights on the door. I will just leave it like it is without those interior lights since the car is 11 years old. I can do without them and don't need to spend the money on having a mechanic find that short. This was Sam's idea and a good one. Tugboat has now named my car Matilda, which is funny because I don't name my cars or call them anything but "it" instead of he or she. I call it a name when I refer to my car as a Mercury Mistake instead of Mystique, which they don't make any more. It's been good and hasn't cost me extra money, so it probably just wanted to show me that I was wrong. I can live with that.


froggy said...

The twins both caught a cold on opposites sides of the state. Hmmmm. Since they are fraternal twins (you'd be surprised at how many people ask if they, being boy/girl twins, are identical...) so we'll say coincidence. The puppies, who are also siblings born at the same time, are learning fast! They can already go up the big deck stairs. Very handy to have them playing and wrestling and wearing themselves out. But always on alert for potty mishaps x 2 - that leaves a lot to be desired.

Wonder Man said...

get well, Joy

David Dust said...

Dear Auntie Flame -

If you don't feel better soon I'll start sending you emails with 20-30 questions in them. THAT should make you feel better ... :)


Sam said...

Well, Atleast Matilda is safe, for another year, from the hands of an owner that would destroy and drive her into the ground.
So you still feeling bleck?, hum? Many people I've talked with lately have been going through some ailment or another. I'm going to chalk it up to the change of season.
Take Care!!

Beth said...

Feel better soon. I'm hearing from a lot of people that there is some crud going around. Mine has been clinging to me for about three weeks, so I feel your pain!

Joy said...

Thanks, Everyone!!! :-)

You realize, DD, that I'd answer all those questions, don't you? xoxoxoxxo

Joy said...

You have your hands full, Froggy! But they are worth it.

David Dust said...

Auntie Flame -

I know you would! :)