Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Maddie the Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

If Maddie were a cat, this is a dronk text I might get. There were more this last weekend. :-) But wait! Were those from Maddie or the Boy Toy?

funny pictures-You ever party so hard that you wake up in a garage?  And your owners don't have one?


David Dust said...

Better you than me!!!

And, BTW, you haven't seen Maddie in action. She doesn't look NEARLY as good as that cat does after a night of DRONKIN'.


Joy said...

LOL!!! There's still time.

Howard said...

Now this was just too damn funny!

Joy said...

The text message said it was from the Boy Toy, which sounds right since the word "latter" was used. Maddie would have said "the second choice" I'm pretty sure.

mistress maddie said...

GOD HOW FUNNY! And Auntie I have woke up back in the day in a bush, a corn field, don't ask, and a couple strange homes!!!!! Love ya! I adore the first picture!

Joy said...

Thank you, Maddie! Oh the stories you could tell! LOL xoxoxoxox