Saturday, September 11, 2010

Upon Further Reflection, Dumbass

Tugboat told me on the phone last night about disconnecting the lights, but that didn't process. We got off onto the subject of my buying a new car which I would like to do but have to wait since I'm now in the prescription drug "donut hole" or gap, which means I have to pay full price for all my prescriptions for the rest of the year. At the beginning of next year it all starts over again. I have three that do not have generics and are very expensive. Even a couple I thought were not expensive are when paying full price. I don't know yet how much this will add up to but estimate that it could be over $300/month. So no car payment yet. The health care reform is supposed to eliminate the gap next year which will help so many of us. I'm more fortunate than some who have to choose between their medication or food when this happens. It was created by the Republicans, of course. But as usual I digress.

This morning that light bulb did at last go off above my head, and I remembered that I had the same problem with this car when it was new in 1999. Someone showed me where the fuses are, and I disconnected it until they replaced some switch that was faulty. Now I need to reconnect the battery cables (yuck on the dirty hands again), get the car jumped off, take out that fuse, and then drive around enough to make sure the battery is charged. Well, maybe get that checked. A battery place is close by. Then I can get whatever is wrong with it fixed. I'll drive my car for another year and then get a new one. I'm a slow learner.


froggy said...

You might consider AAA. Worth every penny for the time we had to call.

mrs. miss alaineus said...

are any of the meds you get eligible for a discount program if you do mail order for 90 days? our kroger also has 4$ scripts for many things both generic and name brand, i think target and walmart (as much as i hate to admit it) have similar programs. also, the drug companies can sometimes offer people lower costs through programs they sponsor- astra zeneca does and i think squibb meyers does too. i think it's unfair this happens and i will be glad when the gap is eliminated. glad to hear about the car, please tell tug we said 'hey'.


Berry Blog said...

I have not hit any donut as I explained to you before, but it's a while to go before I hit that new law. Lord help me if it does hit me, it will really be a serious choice among essentials. I take a lot of meds( approx 9-10) and very few are generic and full price is really a joke. I just couldn't do it. It would be my entire retirement check. many of them are 2-300 dollars a prescription. You could kiss good bye to a well meaning old teacher in Maine.
As for car troubles, it's going to be a toss up whether my car or me goes first. There looks to be no replacement of either of us in an affordable future. What a damned annoying process you face with this battery thing.

Joy said...

Well, now I am worried about me. I do have AAA and will call them. Sheesh! Thanks, Froggy! I need a keeper.

MMA, I get the generics at those low prices. It's my insurance advantage plan along with Medicare that sets the prices and all. I don't think I can do anything about it at this point but believe me I asked! My doctor might give me some samples to get me through part of this.

Tug is on Twitter. I wish he'd revive his blog. I miss it, too.

Thanks, everyone!! I haven't felt good the last few days. Hope that's what has affected my inability to think. OK, Bernice stuck again. What can I say? LOL

froggy said...

Gorilla Boy says he bets not a lot of people think about calling AAA when they are home so you only get half a Bernice there.

Joy said...

Thanks, Froggy. That helps.