Friday, September 10, 2010

Energy Loss

The electric department worked on the lines and replaced some wires, they said. I thought maybe that would help and that the electricity wouldn't go off as often, but I think it's doing it more often. Suicidal squirrels are the cause of many outages and weather does others.

The lights inside my car won't go off. I slammed all the doors and jiggled with the switch in the doors, but nothing made them go off. So I removed the cover of the dome light which wasn't easy and took out the bulb in there which I ruined since it was halogen. Since I'd messed up that one, I decided not to take out the bulbs from the lights at the bottom of the doors and have absolutely no idea how to disconnect those lights. I guess I could have looked it up. Oh well. I doubt that was in the manual.

The car gave me a false sense of security by starting every time I drove it, so I had the delusional idea that I was charging the battery and would have time to get someone to fix the problem. That would have worked if I hadn't forgotten about the whole thing today. When I went out to go somewhere, the thought flitted through my mind that I hoped the car would start. No. It didn't. The lights had made the battery run down. Unfortunately, the mechanic I usually go to, didn't check his answering machine and won't be back in there until Monday.

I unhooked the battery cables so it might not drain the last bit of power from the battery since it will sit there until Monday. You don't have to say it; I've already berated myself about this for quite a while now. I also got my hands really dirty just opening the hood of the car and then even dirtier when I had to touch the terminals.

I stay too tired most of the time, and it's affecting my mind. Yeah, that's it.


mrs. miss alaineus said...

man that sucks! is there a neighbor close that can give you a jump if you need to do any running around? i hope they find out why the lights are staying on.


froggy said...

Dratted car! Hope it is an easy fix!

Bob said...

There are few things in the world that I loathe more than car trouble of ANY kind.

I feel your pain, Joy.

Sam said...

I just laughed and laughed reading this. I dont know why either?
Anyway hahahahahaha.
I'm looking for property as we speak :-)

Joy said...

Well, I did try to make it funny ... through my tears, of course. (yeah, I know - smartass!)

You need a second home here in Dickson, so you can take care of me!


Berry Blog said...

I just HATE those times and thank god they don't come to often, but the few times they come, they are awful. It seems to me that no one around me every has car trouble and I am jealous that they appear to be more self sufficient than me. I'm sure it's not true...they just have other people to bail them out in those times and they seem to love me not being as independent as they appear to be. It's not only an image thing, it's friggin' inconvenient to my lifestyle needs.
Damn, I am so sympathetic here.
xoxo Charlie