Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Look Familiar?

At least three people said something to me about my eye makeup in that photo. No, I did not put it on that way. The weather was incredibly hot this summer, remember? I was in Austin, Texas, where it was even hotter and had walked many blocks in that heat, got overheated, and had the picture taken when I got back to the hotel without looking in the mirror. Mistake. Yes, I know. Now let's all laugh about the funny Lolcat and how much our eyes look alike!!


lelocolon said...

You look gteat and that hat serves! The eyeliner adds. Loving it!

Bob said...

I'd say you're starting a trend and everyone else is just so 2009.

Joy said...

Thanks, guys, for the support! :-)


Berry Blog said...

You have always had amazingly piercing, penetrating eyes. I love 'em. Now this is one expression I'm not sure I would not want cast at me were I a student. not sure you are deeply interested in what I have to say, or you are about to devastate me.

Sam said...

TWINS!!! I kid I kid.
Joy, you look mahvelous! Besides after walking around in the heat of Austin for hours, damn be proud you are still standing up for the photo.

Jackie said...

OK, I did not even notice the eyeliner. That makes me either a very good friend or really spacey. Please pick option A. :-)