Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Our room has Sleep Number beds, and I can't wait to try out all the numbers. I told Tina she'd better join in the reindeer games and compare the numbers on her bed, too. Otherwise, I'll drive her crazy. Amazing I haven't managed to do that already, isn't it? Some of you know how I run things in the ground. They'd better have what is on our confirmation or I might have an internal fit.

I want to try those sleep numbers. It's part of my quest for the perfect mattress. Have you seen what they cost? The retail price of the Sleep Number 9000 mattress is $3,199.99 for a Queen and $3,599.99 for a King. I have a queen-size bed and can't imagine spending that much for a mattress but wonder what a good night's sleep would be worth.

The room also has a 32" LCD TV we're also looking forward to. Yes, we've been known to watch some TV after an active day of sightseeing and shopping when we travel. I still won't let myself get my HDTV until I get the den cleared out and organized. There will be some redecorating, but just having it back in order will be wonderful since I'll be able to see everything again. It will be like shopping to find out what all I have in this house. No, I'm not officially a hoarder because I want it gone, but it's bad here. Once I get things the way I want them, I've thought about posting before and after pictures, but Maddie and Miss Ginger would have to take to the fainting couch with the vapors and need smelling salts to revive! We can't have that now, can we?


David Dust said...

I can just picture you staying up all night messing with the Sleep Number mattress. :)


Miss Ginger Grant said...

Sell the shit and get the Sleep Number bed with the proceeds!! Purge, Auntie Flame!!!! It's good for the soul!!!

Joy said...

You know me too well, Darling David! That's exactly what I'll do!

One of my favorite things you have said during our conversations, David, is, "Unlike you and me, Ginger is always prepared to receive company." So taking advice from the Queen of Gracious Living is probably a great idea. Yes! I will have bulimia of the house without the binging!

Berry Blog said...

Bottom photo you found is so you
thinking with my back and legs how much I would spend for the perfect mattress and believe it is all a myth. When I retired that was one of the gifts I gave myself, and I guess if anything would work other than outside treatment of my back, that's going to be it. It's better than the swayback mattress I had before but certainly one of the magic ones advertised.
Yet somehow I find it hard not to agree with the folks who argue that we spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping somewhere, why don't we give ourselves better treatment in that area...especially since it's the major healing center of our lives? such an enigma.