Friday, July 9, 2010

Auntie Social

Well, I've been out and about all over the place for at least a week. I've been going to the yarn shop to get to a point on the cardigan I'm knitting for Mother for her birthday where I can move forward myself without help. Since her birthday is Monday, she'll be getting 1/3 of a sweater but is OK with it. Pictures will be posted when I finish it and later with her modeling it. I told her if it didn't turn out well enough to wear that I don't want her to feel obligated. She's a good shopper and very aware of how things fit and what's in style, so I wanted to give her an escape route.

Mother was adamant that she doesn't want a party even though this birthday is a biggie. She'll be 90, but you'd never know it. Her mind is sharp, and she takes good care of herself. Actually she does everything right, and it shows. So my sister-in-law and I have been on the phone a few times about it and are taking her out for lunch after church Sunday. That's what she wants, so that's what we're doing. It will be fun.

I took Mother to lunch at Lugo's Wednesday for an early birthday celebration. I've told you about that restaurant that's a welcome addition to Dickson. Here's the site where you can see the menu. Check them out on Facebook, too. The owner/chef Victor Lugo is the one holding the scissors on the "Our Dream" page, and his wife (co-owner) and baby are beside him on the right. He's originally from Puerto Rico and she from California. Mother liked the cloth napkins, decor, food, and ambiance. Some of us are planning to go to the second monthly Tapas event there the 23rd. We missed the first one because we didn't know about it. The couple who own it are sweet and make everyone feel welcome. The food is delicious!

A friend is moving to Texas to be with her first boyfriend. They reunited on FB and have been in a Lifetime movie relationship. It's really sweet, romantic, and hopeful! I'm happy for her. She's been through a bad marriage and relationships and deserves something good. So has he. I took her out to brunch Sunday and went over to her house, so we could visit and catch up. She came by a while Monday morning. She's leaving Sunday for a new life in Texas.

Tina, Hope, and I went shopping Saturday since there were sales. Big sales! Yay!! Then we knitted.

In between going out and trying to catch up on blogs, FB games, Twitter, email, and the DVR, I've been doing some housework and laundry. So you aren't going to hear from me much more often for a while because I'm going to Austin, TX, next week with Tina since her son is moving there. He has a job lined up at Starbucks in case the one at the gaming company doesn't come through right away. Later on he's going to school there in software design. She needed to go down to see where he'll be and all that mother stuff we understand. I'm along for moral support and as her vacation buddy. We have some plans for fun while we're there which you'll hear about with photos later on. We're staying at the Radisson downtown. Anyone have any suggestions for good places to eat nearby? (Uh, Miss Ginger? Tug?)

In the meantime, Brigit the bitey cat has been trying to get attention as much as possible. She gets under my feet and will eventually kill us both or me anyway. So I'm doing my best and will be in touch as I can.

How are all of you? I've been reading your blogs and commenting as much as possible but am still behind on some of it.


froggy said...

Oh, we kindof had a watershed day here. I'll post about it later. Other than that it is HOT. Mornings are loverly and the rest of the day is HOT.

Berry Blog said...

You sure have been active for almost a month now, steadily. Went to the Lugo site and was really impressed with a well thought out menu. They sure didn't go into it haphazardly. Everything looked interesting to eat. I like those kinds of chairs (for my back) and always love a table with linens. Except for lobstah and steamahs, it's the only way to eat out, though I've been happy with less.
This should be a great trip for you but I don't see how it could match the cruise.
Enjoy enjoy-
Love ya-Charlie

Sam said...

Hell I'm tired from just reading it.
Be careful.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

You are a good friend for going to Texas as her vacation buddy. Have a great time.

mrs. miss alaineus said...

have a safe trip, i miss your triva posts when you are on your adventures :D


Kyle said...

You have been busy! Joy, we're doing fine. Just trying to stay cool and keep up with life.