Sunday, July 25, 2010

Saturday Night Out

After an afternoon of knitting, a friend and I went to dinner and then to the Fiddle & Pick for an evening of bluegrass by the Roland White Band. I'd never heard of him before, but he's been performing for decades and is well-known by aficionados of traditional music. I enjoyed their performance and the venue which is in a small town between here and Nashville. I'm constantly in awe of Nashville musicians. Although I realize this isn't confined to just those, they are the ones I see perform live most often. The fiddle player was incredible! I didn't catch her name, and it's not on this poster.

David Talbot, the banjo player, was sooooo good and good-looking! He has quite a resume that you can read about HERE in an article of the Bluegrass Gazette. He was a founding member of The Grascals and recorded and toured with Dolly Parton. He's third from the left in this photo.


Joy said...

I thought someone would comment on my getting out at night and socializing.

Berry Blog said...

Maine is flooded with blue grass festivals this summer. Recently saw footage of a huge festival in a very small town where they were rained out...and so retreated to tents and did pickups all night long. One of those anybody Passing by- join in. so rich

Berry Blog said...

h ha,,,Joy, maybe everybody is not fooled by that that stay at home reclue image.You may just get out more than the social butterflies who follow you,and you never knew it!