Monday, April 30, 2012

DWTS 14 - Week 7

Classical Night

Just walking out in their costumes is interesting. Quite a variety.

Rumba for Katherine and Mark.  She's a classical singer and knows the music, which makes her feel good but not sure how helpful with the dancing she said.  Last year she sang during this competition.  I don't care what Sam says, I hope she wins.  He thinks it's DWTS 101 if she does.  The audience votes, which always messes things up.  At least this season, they have that dance-off for the bottom two, and the judges choose from there.  I'm glad.  Mark had on some kind of cape which was removed and now he's shirtless.  Fit, hairless torso and arms.  Maybe I'm weird, but I'd rather see men dancing with shirts on.  It just seems half-dressed to me.  Shirts could be unbuttoned down to a point or maybe a vest - that's good.  At the beach or in bed as little clothing as possible, but not in public dancing or whatever.  This was an elegant, classic rumba.  I was distracted by the semi-nakedness of Mark (not in a good way) and need to rewind and watch her dance.  She looked like a Greek goddess.  Score:  27

I don't know what to think about the Argentine tango Maks and Melissa performed.  It seemed erratic and sort of antagonistic.  I think it was supposed to be, though.  Melissa didn't have the control she needed for the lifts and some of the footwork.  Maks has a foot injury and brought his brother Val in to rehearse with Melissa.  Maks told her Val is nicer.  The judges said the tempo of Mozart's "Marriage of Figaro" was difficult to dance to but that she didn't do that well.  This was mostly a criticism of Maks's choreography but her dance quality wasn't there.  Even  I noticed it.  They had some difficult lifts, which were amazing for someone who has recovered from a broken back!  Score:  21  Yikes!

Double elimination next week.  Have they done this before?  Probably.  I don't have the most reliable memory about some things.

All these injuries!  His ankle hurts, but William and Cheryl danced a graceful Viennese waltz while Jackie Evancho sang "Ave Maria."  How does that voice come from that little girl?!!  Can't tell his ankle is a problem, but Cheryl choreographed the dance in order not to aggravate it.  The audience went wild.  Does William have a wife and two children?  The camera panned to whom that might have been twice.  Guess I could google it, but I don't really care.  It was a very pretty dance with passion and elegance.  Score:  27

Roshon was discouraged by being in the bottom two last week.  Val came in and helped him with his posture and manliness technique required for their Argentine tango.  Roshon and Chelsie looked more like kids doing a grown-up dance, but they did the moves and managed to pull this off.  The judges said he improved and did well.  Score:  25

Peta is challenging Donald to compete at a higher level.  He's so competitive and wants to give more like the judges challenged him to do.  Donald and Peta danced a Viennese waltz while Vittoria Grigolo sang.  Elegant, graceful dancing!  High praise from the judges.  Score:  27

Derek got a little frustrated during rehearsal, and Maria felt it.  Derek and Maria performed a paso doble, and her personality isn't naturally suited to it.  Maybe Derek treated her differently during rehearsal to get her in the mood.  She did really well.  It was intense and passionate.  The music matched it.  This was a vampire theme with Maria's biting Derek on the neck at the end - fangs and all.  The judges loved it!  So did I!  Score:  30  Wow!!!  First perfect score!!  Maria is a contender!

Jaleel and Kym are trying to keep up the momentum from last week when they got two 10's and a 9.  Their Viennese waltz was beautiful - smooth and romantic.  Len said he liked it enough not to be cruel but not enough to be kind.  Hmmm   Bruno said it wasn't as good as it could be but was very nice.  Carrie Ann said not to lose his confidence and to be aware of technique.  Score:  24

OMG!  Karina and Tristan danced while Jackie Evancho sang.  Karina was barely wearing anything but was covered with see-through black  I love watching the pros dance together but also really enjoy seeing the progress people make who haven't danced professionally. 

Team dances now ...

Team Tango:  Maria & Derek, Elizabeth & Mark, Jaleel & Kym, and Roshon & Chelsie.  Intense and precise and quick!  Score:  27  Mixed reviews from judges (10, 8, 9)

Team Paso Doble:  Donald & Peta, Melissa & Maks, and William & Cheryl.  Maks said the women were blonde, brunette, and redhead - woo!  William didn't want to dance shirtless because he wanted to show they could dance, so they compromised and wore open bolero jackets the first half and then took them off the second half.  The audience went wild!  The judges praised their performance so much I thought they'd get all 10's but no.  Their score was 26, one less than the other team's.  The audience went wild again for a different reason. 

Melissa didn't do as well tonight and had the lowest score.  I'm sure this does not please Maks.  Depending on how people vote, I'd say Melissa or Roshon might go home.  We'll see.  


David Dust said...

I don't know if William has a wife or not, but if he does that's one lucky beeyotch!


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