Monday, April 9, 2012

DWTS 14 - Week 4

It's rock week, and who started the show off?  KISS.

Sherri and Val danced a tango.  She said she was ready to throw her passion for Val into the dance because she loves and hates him.  By now the dancetestants are feeling the pain!  They are tired, sore, and expected to keep improving.  Sherri looked good.  The costume was suited for her and gave her some balance with the flouncy full skit since her boobs are a force of their own.  I agree with Carrie Ann that her tango lacked passion and that her face was expressionless.  She was going for intense, I guess.  Len and Bruno said this dance and the one last week weren't suited to her bubbly personality, so it was unanimous.  Apparent from the score of 21 - a 7 from each judge.

Katherine and Mark danced a paso doble.  She's been the top scorer so far and could win it if she keeps on the way she has been as long as she can get the votes from the viewers.  Mark took her to a martial arts studio to do muay thai boxing.  This was way out of her comfort zone since she said she's such a girly-girl that it was hard for her to be aggressive and  learn to hit.  She got into it pretty well.  Their paso was lively and had some great moves.  I liked it and thought it was better than many I've seen on there but very few stack up against the ones Maks & Mel and Cheryl and Giles did.  Oh, and nothing will ever be like their tango.  Whew!!!  I will never forget that.  The judges said Katherine lost some of the artistry.  Score - 24 with consistency from the judges again. 

Jaleel and Kym danced a kick-ass tango to "Satisfaction" that was lively and fun.  Twist at the end with Kym slinging him down on the floor.  The judges praised the performance but suggested some techniques to improve.  Jaleel said that Jagger and George Jefferson have the same walk except that Jagger's has a cluck to it.  They got 22.

Melissa and Maks performed a paso doble.  During rehearsal Maks pushed Melissa to get irritated with him so she could show that when they danced.  It worked.  She was pissed at him.  Now we know why he does this.  Good performance.  Carrie Ann thought it was her best.  Len said he's looking forward to a slower smooth dance from her since she's had to go all out with these so far.  Brooke asked whose idea it was for her to kill Maks at the end.  Melissa said it was in honor of the 12 who came before her.  Score of 22.

Donald and Peta danced a paso doble to "Purple Haze."  Donald said other athletes had done well with the paso (he's watched every season) and hoped he would, too.  The judges loved it.  Bruno because he was shirtless, and Carrie Ann because it was hot.  She said it would go down as the most memorable dance of the season.  They got a 27, highest score of the night.  I thought he might get at least one 10.

Weird.  They panned to Little Richard in the audience.  

Gladys and Tristan danced a tango to "Bohemian Rhapsody."  She said she's the grandma of rock and roll and had to do well, or she'd be removed from the Rock Hall of Fame.  She also said she wasn't going to show any class tonight and there wasn't a move that didn't come through rock 'n roll.  The tango was really hard for her to learn, but she was determined.  And move she did!  This was intense and passionate.  (another shot of Little Richard and also Jamie Fox)  Carrie Ann said it was her most ambitious dance and that song was hard to dance to.  I thought that myself but couldn't give reasons the way Bruno did.  Score 20.  The audience booed.  I'm impressed with how she moves, bounds up the stairs, and isn't out of breath.

William and Cheryl danced a jive to "We're Not Gonna Take It Anymore."  He was totally unfamiliar with American music and had never heard of heavy metal.  Cheryl taught him the moves, but this wasn't his best dance. His Latin roots came through last week during the salsa, and he's always good to look at.  The judges agreed.  Score - 22.

All the scores are lower tonight.  Expectations are high because this is such a talented group, and they expect them to keep improving.

Roshan and Chelsie danced a Viennese Waltz.  After a difficult rehearsal, he got it and was graceful and elegant.  Carrie Ann said of the men, he was the best dancer.  Roshan said he just wanted to hear three words from Len and did when Len said, "Good job, Dawg."  He was thrilled that Carrie Ann called him a man.  Score - 26.

Maria and Derek danced a tango to "School's Out" by Alice Cooper.  Her feet have been hurting, so Derek insisted she get checked out.  The doctor said she has stress injuries and a hairline fracture in her right foot.  The doctor told her not to dance on it because it could fully break.  She danced so well, and it was impossible to tell her foot even hurt.  She said quitting is not an option.  Good grief - a broken rib and now her foot!  Her fellow Greek friends were in the audience cheering her on:  John Stamos, Rita Wilson, and Nia Vardalos.  I don't know how she managed to do this.  When they finished dancing, Derek carried her piggyback while the judges critiqued and then up the stairs.  She's so good, and I hope she can stay but don't want her to do major damage.  Score is 26. 

Gavin and Karina danced a tango. This was his best dance.  Intense and controlled.  The judges said his frame was bad.  I thought his footwork was good.  Carrie Ann liked it.  Score - 23.

Once again it's hard to know who will go.  This time I'm leaning toward possibly Gladys, but it could be Gavin.  Uh oh, Tom said that Melissa injured herself and went to the hospital to be checked out.  Hope she is OK.  Also hope Maria will be. 


froggy said...

hmmmmm, I predict Little Richard has some kind of reality/sitcom/whatever show in the offing.

Joy said...

Yeah, I try to figure out why some celebrities are in the audience. Some are friends with the dancetestants and most are there because they have a show, esp on ABC.

David Dust said...

So sorry to hear that my William didn't do so well.

Thanks for the recap! I love not having to watch this show.


Sam said...

You don't think William is in trouble???? I do.
That Maria is one tough chick. I'm rooting for her!!!
Once again you have hit it out of the park. I love the out of nowhere, they just panned to Little Richard.

Joy said...

Love you, David! :-)

Are you kidding, Sam? The way the audience reacts to William, I'm sure he'll get lots of votes. He'll be around a while longer. There are others who will go before he does. Mark my words! (I hope)