Wednesday, April 4, 2012

DWTS 14 - Week 3 & Results

I started this last night while I was watching it but needed to devote my time to watching and crying.  Then I had phone calls and other distractions.  I'm combining the recap with the results.   Teary show!

Tonight was about a memorable year in the dancetestants lives.  They chose a year and a song from that time that meant the most to them.  They warned us to get out the tissues. 

Jack Wagner got all 8s for his samba with Anna.  His memorable year was last year when his daughter showed up in his life and told him he was her birth father.  No details or anything, but he was touched by it and thrilled to have her in his family.  She and his other children were there cheering him on.  Apparently she bounded in before a concert and told him.  That's a lot to deal with any time but right before going on stage! I wonder more about all this.  Jack and Anna danced to one of his songs, which I'm not familiar with.  Actually, I don't know who he is.  Just read his bio and know why.  I never watched General Hospital or Melrose Place.  That explains it. (24)

Maria Menousos chose 1988 when she was 10 and played "Material Girl" with change she picked up on the floor of her family's business.  That wasn't the best song choice for a rumba, but Derek came through with the choreography.  It's a sexy, sensual, passionate, slow dance, which to me doesn't lend itself to the lyrics of that song.  Their rumba was hot - very good!  Len said it had smouldering intensity.  All 9s!  Wow!  Len said he'd taken happy pills and was in a good mood tonight.  He must be.  (27)

Gladys Knight's year is 1957 when she began her career.  She was THIRTEEN and on tour with the Pips.  Surely her parents went along.  Sam Cooke taught her how to perform, walk, talk, and present herself.  They danced the foxtrot to one of his songs "Cupid."  It was an elegant, smooth, graceful dance.  Carrie Ann said she dances like she sings.  True.  Len said he and Gladys are the same age and that he couldn't do what she's doing week after week.  I know I couldn't, but he's been a professional dancer.  Score (24)

Roshon Fegan was influenced by Michael Jackson and chose 1996, the first year he saw Michael Jackson on stage.  Chelsie surprised him by having MJ's choreographer help him with some steps.  He said he was doing Michael Jackson with a samba twist.  Energetic and fun dance!  Good job.  Oddly he danced to a Jackson 5 song and wore a costume reminiscent of the 70s, Afro and all.  Oh well.  (25)

Gavin DeGraw chose Billy Joel's "New York State of Mind" because his parents took him to his concert where Gavin decided that's what he wanted to do for a living.  His father told him then that's what he would do, and both parents supported and encouraged him.  He was at a point of almost giving up in 1998 when his dad came to the City to cheer him up and get him a gig.  They danced the rumba and did it well.  Karina is always sexy.  He's not as graceful and smooth as he could be.  He was sweet talking about his parents, and they beamed at him from the audience.  The judges commented on how much he's improved, and he has.  When Brooke asked him how he felt dancing in front of his family, and he choked up.  She asked Karina to find his words for him, and she spoke beautifully.  (24)

Katherine Jenkins chose 1996 when her father died of lung cancer.  They waltzed to Josh Grobin's "The Way You Are" beautifully.  Graceful, elegant, exquisite!  She is classically gorgeous with a perfect woman's body.  She broke down at the end of her dance but recovered enough to talk, which wasn't easy.  Wow!!!  Two TENS!!  She got two nines last week.  This is early to get such high scores.  I hope people vote according to ability since she's not well-known here like she is in the UK.  She should win at the rate she's going.  (29)

Sherri Shepherd chose the year her son Jeffrey was born prematurely with severe problems most of which did not become as bad as predicted.  She was having problems with the dance, so Val had Jeffrey come to a rehearsal.  Her rumba had the right moves.  Based on her contorted facial expressions, she looked more desperate than sensual, but I think she was telling the story of how she felt at first when she got the news after her son was born and then was able to smile later.  (24) 

Melissa Gilbert fell and broke her back in 2010 and was walking with a walker.  I can't believe how well she moves now and didn't realize someone could recover from a broken back like that.  That jive is very physical, and she is really doing well.  (Side note:  I just love watching Maks move!  He's hot standing still, too.)  They danced the jive to "The Dog Days Are Over" and were great!  (24)

Jaleel White recalled the year he played Steve Urkel's alter ego Stefan.  He said it showed people he had more to offer than that one character.  Jaleel and Kym danced a rumba.  He had good lines and footwork.  Well done!  Carrie Ann said he had a Gregory Hines vibe and glided through the rumba smoothly.  He broke down and choked out he loves entertaining people and has done it since he was three.  What does it mean when he said this meant a lot to him and his friends, and that's his Mickey Mouse.  Huh?  (25)

William Levy told about his family immigrating to the US in 1995.  He said they were very poor in Cuba and that he'd never seen an apple before in his life until they went to his uncle's.  He and Cheryl danced a salsa for his past in Cuba and his future in America.  Great footwork and moves!!  Lively, energetic salsa!  He caught Cheryl's head in his leg when she was supposed to be swinging around under his kicks.  I guess that's how to describe that.  Then she almost fell after swinging through his legs, and he had to think fast and help her up.  She's a pro and recovered from the mistakes.  The judges praised him - mostly Bruno and Carrie Ann for obvious reasons.  (28)  Bruno gave him a 10, possibly hoping he would get to touch William.  Probably won't work. 

Donald Driver's year 2010 when his friend and teammate Brian died in his arms.  He had cancer.  He said his friend introduced him to his wife and is uncle to his children. They danced the rumba to Mariah Carey's "One Sweet Day" because it told the story he wanted to convey.  His message would be to live life to the fullest each day.  This was a rumba!  Oh yes!  Emotional and controlled.  (26)

What an emotional night!  Teary and touching!  Whew!!  The celebrities cried, some of the audience cried, and so did I.  This season has some excellent dancers who keep getting better.  I don't want any of them to go!  My prediction of the one it might be is Gavin. 

Results Show:

Musical guests on the results show are Seal and Rascal Flatts.  I must say that I was surprised that Seal and Heidi split up.  I thought they seemed in love and solid. 

Unprecedented scores for week three show only a five-point difference in the top and bottom scores.  Len said no one should go home and wishes the producers would let them all go through until next week. 

Anna Trebunskaya and her husband Jonathan Roberts danced a tribute to their friend Julia Ivleva, a professional dancer who has stage 4 lung cancer.  Anna said since she and Jonathan are married and have been dancing so long that they understood how it must be for Julia and her husband Igor, her dance partner.  They waltzed such a moving, emotional tribute to Julia.  She's too frail to dance but travels with her husband and is staying positive.  I love watching Anna and Jonathan dance together and am so glad they did this.  It was mesmerizing.  Oh my, Julia and Igor are in the audience.  More tears. 

Announcement of elimination:  Well, it's Jack. 


Sam said...

Outstanding. They are right on track with the eliminations. William Levy is the hottest celebrity in dwts history. I don't think he's that good of a dancer though.

Joy said...

I still think Giles Marini was the hottest and he could dance.

Joy said...

William is second hottest, though. Don't think Carrie Ann and Bruno have noticed his dancing yet. LOL