Monday, April 23, 2012

DWTS 14 - Week 6

Motown Week!  Smokey Robinson, Martha Reeves, the Temptations sing, and Gladys Knight is dancing!  This should be good!

Watched The Voice and now onto DWTS on DVR.  So many letters and technology! Quick retrospective on Motown and Berry Gordy. 

First up are Gladys and Tristan dancing a rumba to "My Girl" sung by the actual Temps.  Gladys toured with them from when they were the Primes to when they morphed into the Temptations and said her team beat them in softball.  Gladys's brother, an original Pip, came by rehearsal to show Tristan some moves.  Tristan said he was learning about history.  Yes, he was!  Bless their hearts, the Temptations' voices are showing their age, but it was still great to hear and see them perform.  The dance lacked passion and romance which rumbas are supposed to have.  It was smooth and careful and pretty to watch for sure.  She's the epitome of grace and elegance. The judges might disagree.  Len said she is not the best dancer but is the most charismatic dancer and easy like Sunday morning.  Nostalgic and meaningful.  Carrie Ann said it's her night.  Score is 21.

Berry Gordy is in the audience and recognized and honored!  

Next Maria and Derek do the foxtrot to "Jimmy Mack" sung by Martha Reeves.  I think that's the title; it sounds like it should be.  Lively, fun foxtrot.  Good lines and footwork.  Maria is so pretty to be such a tomboy and goofy.  She grew up with brothers and fit right in, she said.  Bruno said it was a gleaming blend of sophistication, wit, and elegance.  Praise from the judges!  Score - 26

Roshon and Chelsie danced a rumba to Smokey Robinson's singing "Cruisin' Together."  Roshon had trouble learning how to be romantic and sexy during rehearsal but managed to do it during their performance much better than in rehearsal.  He's young and uncomfortable with such an emotional dance.  The judges said the dance lacked style and was "paint by number" in that he seemed to memorize what to do instead of feeling it.  This was difficult for Roshon to learn.  Score - 23

 Katherine and Mark danced the samba to "I Can't Get Next to You" sung by the Temptations.  I really like Katherine and would like for her to win.  Their samba was lively and fun!  Good job.  The judges said so, too.  Score - 29!

Donald and Peta performed a foxtrot to "The Way You Do the Things You Do" sung by the Temptations.  Donald was excited about Motown Week and said it brought back memories from his childhood.  He practiced especially hard to get a 10 from Len this week since everyone else gave him one last week but Len.  This was a pretty foxtrot.  Donald had a good frame and footwork.  I liked it, but we'll see what the judges think.  Len loved it!  Bruno and Carrie Ann did, too.  Len told Peta to work David harder because his talent is greater than this danced showed.  He got all 9's for a 27.  Donald said Len wants him to do better so he'll get better just to get a 10 from Len.

Melissa and Maksim had a difficult rehearsal.  Well, Melissa did because Maks acted like a diva - or are men divos?  He really pushes and huffs around.  Melissa does OK with that and tells him he's not inspiring confidence.  I would do better with Derek or Mark than with criticism and drama the way Maks does it.  Derek and Mark are demanding but kind.  Melissa and Maks danced a Viennese Waltz to "  by Smokey Robinson.  This was an elegant, romantic, beautiful waltz.  Who thought Melissa Gilbert would have a tattoo?  It's on her upper arm toward the back and looks like a bird or butterfly.  Can't tell.*  Score - 24.  Melissa said editing showed the worst parts of their rehearsal and that 88% of it was not like that.

*Googled the tattoo and understand the placement of it.  It was a bird, but the bird on the right of what was a banner with "Bruce and Melissa" and another bird on the left.  Those are gone, so that other bird is off there by itself in an odd place.  

Jaleel and Kym did a cha-cha to the Temptations singing "Please Don't Leave Me."  Good job!!  That was great!  Judges praised them and loved it!  So did I.  It was lively and controlled.  Score - 29! 

William and Cheryl performed a rumba to "Being With You" by Smokey Robinson.  Cheryl told William their rumba needed to be hot and sexy, and he brought it.  Cheryl can choreograph some sexy dances.  This was, but as I've said before not as sexy as with Giles Marini!  He is so incredibly sexy just standing still, so when he danced a rumba and tango, it was totally hot.  Len thought this dance was on the raunchy side, and that's the difference between William and Giles.  I expected more and so did the judges.  William doesn't do it for me, anyway.  Score - 27  (Bruno the gay Italian gave him a 10).  Maks and Mel B danced the sexiest and hottest paso doble, samba, and rumba!!!

Now for a cha-cha Motown marathon for more points and entertainment.  Couples are eliminated until the last dancers are standing.  First out gets 3 points and last gets 10.
Here we go:
Gladys and Tristan first out (3 for total of 23)
Maria and Derek (4 for 30)
Roshon and Chelsie (5 for 28)
Melissa and Maks (6 for 30)
Donald and Peta (7 for 35)
Jaleel and Kym (8 for 37)
William and Cheryl (9 for 36)
Katherine and Mark (10 for 39)


kathy said...

that boring, eh?

Joy said...

Not at all! Good show and lots of fun.

kathy said...

First time no content showed up :-)

Sam said...

I love hearing and reading your thoughts about Maks and all the comparison with William and Giles. Lol
Seems like Glayds days are numbered.

Joy said...

Yes, William just doesn't do it for me. I don't think he's that sexy or attractive. Giles on the other hand ... !!!!!!