Tuesday, November 8, 2011

DWTS Week 8

Tonight several of the dancers improved quite a bit.  Not Nancy Grace.  It's time for her to go.  Tristan is getting tired of her constant interruptions and not listening to him.  Len said she was like Cinderella and got to go to the ball but that it's midnight and time for her to go home.

Maks was nice to Hope this week and apologized for how rough he's been.  She told him she has too many insecurities with dancing and needs his hand held out in support.  So we saw a kinder gentler Maks who took her to meet his family for a dinner his mother cooked for all of them.  It made a big difference. Their quickstep was fun.  Hope seemed relaxed and had fun with it.  She was much better. 

Rob has definitely improved and is learning to dance.  Well done tonight!  Cheryl is strict and can bring out the best in her partners.

Ricki's waltz was beautiful!  She's looking good, too, and has lost quite a bit of weight and firmed up.  She apologized for not doing well on the jive, and Derek was so sweet to her. 

All the couples had two dances.  Their second dance was the instant dance where they rehearsed the jive all week and chose their song by drawing a CD out of a basket.  Then they had 20 minutes to put the dance to music and practice.

J.R. and Karina got 60 points - 30 for each dance!  All 10's from each judge and lots of praise.  They were very good.  He'll probably win.

Second scores are for the jive: 
J.R. and Karina - 30 (Waltz) + 30 = 60
Ricki and Derek - 28 (Waltz)  + 24 = 52
Hope and Maks - 27  (Quickstep)  + 25 = 52  A 9 from Len!!
Rob and Cheryl - 27  (Quickstep)  + 24 = 51
Nancy and Tristan - 24  (Tango) + 20 = 44


froggy said...

I missed the first part - I'm learning the schedule changes here and there. Glad Hope is being treated better.

Anonymous said...

I'm not enjoying this season any more. They might as well just give the ball to JR and be done with it. I still can't stand Hope. I'm rooting for Rob and Ricki.

Sam said...

Thank you for updating it with Ricki!!!
This show is rigged, and scripted.