Monday, November 21, 2011

DWTS 13 - Week 10 - The Finals

Each team performs two dances this week.  Everyone does the free-style, and Ricki and J.R. are dancing the cha cha while Rob does a waltz. 

Carrie Ann helped Ricki during rehearsal and gave her some pointers about being sexy during her dance.  The judges do this every season when it's down to the final three.  Ricki had great rhythm, footwork, and energy with this cha cha,  She looks great and has lost a lot of weight as well as increased muscle tone.  I should dance.  The judges praised her performance and all gave her 9's for a 27. 

Bruno stopped by to help Rob.  His and Cheryl's waltz was graceful, elegant, good.  All the Kardashians were cheering him on along with Bruce-tox Jenner.  Tremendous improvement!  They also got all 9's for a total of 27. 

Len gave J.R. advice about moving his hips and arms better.  Len can dance.  I wish we could see the judges dance sometime.  This was a lively, sexy, happy cha cha.  I would like to see Karina win since Derek and Cheryl have won so many times; however, there is a reason they do.  They are both great teachers who bring out the best in their partners and make them better.  Len said this dance wasn't that good because J.R. got off time and that his enthusiasm got the best of  him.  Bruno said he was in character and gave an enthusiastic performance.  Their scores were all over the place:  7, 8, and 9 = 24.

Derek has won every time he's been in the finals, and Ricki feels the pressure.  He said every time he's been hard on her that she did really well.  I've never seen that side of him!  They started their free-style with a big photo of Ricki when she started DWTS and she ran through it letting the dance begin.  This was a mixture of a salsa and quickstep.  Their costumes were black and white.  Derek's was black trousers and a white dinner jacket.  Ricki's was a white sparkly top and black and white feathery skirt.  The judges liked it and gave them 9's again for 27 and a total of 54 out of 60. 

Kristie Alley was in the audience sitting next to Maks and making him laugh and cover his face.  No telling what she's saying!!  Wish I could hear it. 

Rob and Cheryl did a 20's style free style complete with music and costumes.  Wow!  Good footwork, Rob!  Fun dance!  The judges raved!!  They got 30!!!  This gives them 57 for the night!  Cheryl rocks and Rob really improved and also rocked!

J.R. and Karina did a Latin dance.  There were a lot of scary flips including one strange one where J.R. jumped on Karina, but she seemed OK.  Btw, Karina's body is fabulous perfection, and we saw quite a lot of it tonight.  Carrie Ann and Brooke both said something about that, and it seems as if she sort of blanked out and he helped her through it.  She felt a lot of pressure since she's not used to being in the finals.  The judges loved it and gave them a 30!  They have a 54 for their total. 

Who will win?  It could be any of them and is up to the voters.  It's partly about who dances best and mostly about fan base.  Who do you think will win? 


froggy said...

I love the story of JR. Would he ever thought, when he was a teenage soldier, where his life would lead him.

Sam said...

Ok. Here's the deal.
Since I know more than anyone else, except for Joy, who knows more when it comes to the proper use of the English language but then I know more about US geography and trucking thus making us equal in knowing everything, I'll explain how this all will go down.
JR will win.
It's easy. The script says so.
Derek and Cheryl are the favorites when paired with good foundations. They have the balls to prove it.
But, JR. Is the sentimental favorite and God have mercy on a war vet who has been disfigured. He should have been declared the winner the first week.
Here's some other stuff to chew on.
Karina and Maks have always had a rivalry/love/hate thing go on and considering his douchebuggery this season nothing would rub salt in his ego more.
Who deserves to win? Ricki
Here's the rundown.
Winner. JR.
2nd. Ricki
3rd. Rob
Look Hos. It's not that hard to learn repetitive steps but when you start doing that stuff in heels all bets are off.
There you have it. My predictions, today Novemeber 22, 2011.

froggy said...

I'm going to put in two cents for JR and Rob and their partners. Scary thing for those women to hope they taught their partners well enough to pick them up and toss them around. And scary for the guys to be given that responsibility.

Anonymous said...

I kinda agree with Sam in that the judges/producers/etc. pretty much assigned the mirror ball to JR at the very beginning. But I think Rob is going to win.

I love Ricki Lake, and couldn't keep my eyes off ofher calf muscles when she danced last night, but I don't think she has improved throughout the course of the competition as much as Rob has. She peaked too early.

But I think Rob is going to win. The "momentum" thing is legitimate and the Karadashian fanbase is huge and devoted.

Can't wait to find out! I've got dinner plans so I'll have to avoid the interwebz until I get to watch on my DVR!