Monday, November 14, 2011

DWTS 13 - Week 9

Almost to the end here.  Four couples are left before J.R. and Ricki are in the finals and then J.R. wins.  Popular sentiment seems to be with him, and he can dance.  We'll see.

They have three dances tonight in the semi-finals - either a samba or paso doble, an Argentine tango for all, and a group cha cha. 

I've sort of lost interest in recapping this, so I'll just do a cursory description.

Rob was really good.  All of his dances were great, which is a credit to his professional partner/teacher Cheryl Burke.  She's excellent at bringing out the best in the celebrities she's with.  Several have been in the finals and some have won.  She's quite the task master and choreographs to their strengths.  Rob has improved dramatically.

Hope and Maks had the lowest scores, which I thought were too low at times.  Hope has also improved but is still awkward as a dancer.  Maks has been so nice since that week he was a douche that Tom said, "Wow, it's the new Stepford Maks!"  Hope is in all kinds of pain.  Her shoulder has anchors in it where it was torn and had Novocaine shots in her shoulder she was saving to have during the Olympics.  She spoke out to the judges some, and Maks tried to get her not to.  She has some attitude now. 

J.R. hurt his ankle during rehearsal but soldiered through.  As usual, he danced well and got good scores but not as high as he has been.

Ricki rocked!  All of her dances were great with the scores to show it!  Well done!

They showed pieces about hardships and struggles each of the celebrities have been through.  It was good to learn more about them.

The cha cha was a contest with Rob in first place with 10 points, Ricki next with 8, J.R. with 6, and Hope with 4.  

Final Scores are: 
Ricki - 67
Rob - 65
J.R. - 56
Hope - 49


froggy said...

Wish Hope had kept positive with the judges. It never works to go negative. Watching her story last night - wearing the same little soccer shirts my kids wore. The high school uniform (go Bombers!) and the story about her dad. Soccer saved her and hope it continues after, I'm expecting, she leaves tonight.

Joy said...

I wish she had, too, Froggy. It would have probably been different for her with another partner. Don't think she and Maks were a good match.

Sam said...

Anyho. I think Ricki can win. The script is brilliant and deserves an Emmy.
Maks is a character. The judges scores are a joke if not almost comical. Predictable.
This season has the best group of finalist ever though. I live your recaps.

Joy said...

I'll try to do an Auntie Flame worthy recap next week.