Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Please send me an email (joydurham@comcast.net). My laptop died, as you know, and I need to get my addresses back. Some I have in my Blackberry and some are in the comcast.net website where I've been accessing my email. I had Outlook Express and like the way I can organize mail into folders, but I don't have that on this little tiny netbook and probably won't have any of my programs when I get my laptop back. Since I have Mozilla Firefox for my browser and like it, I'm trying Thunderbird for my email. I downloaded it while ago and am working on my address book on there. At least I like it better than going through all that to get to the Comcast site.

For those of you who don't mind and whose contact information I don't already have, if you'd like to email me your mailing address and phone number, I'll reciprocate if you are interested. Thanks!!


froggy said...

putting together my report on yesterday's clinic visit so will send all the pertinent data then.

Wonder Man said...


jeeny said...

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