Monday, November 15, 2010

Laptop Revisited

UPS delivered my laptop while ago. My stuff is still on there along with 751 emails! Lotta deleting going on soon. It seems HUGE after using that little tiny netbook! Well, 17" vs 10" - guess so. Much easier keyboard to navigate and can see everything on this screen. This makes it easier to post on here, check and write email, play Scrabble (couldn't see the whole board and my letters on that little netbook), type, and all that. Not easier to take place or move to other rooms, though.

After online research, this model is the Edsel of HP's. It's a 2007 HP Pavilion dv941. They knew it had problems and sent them out anyway for the customers to deal with. I googled it and read about all kinds of people who had the same problems with theirs I did with mine. They sent them for repair, got new motherboards, and then had the same problem again. Some didn't. They overheat and destroy things. I keep mine on a cooling pad but think this is a different kind of overheating but not sure. Anyway, I hope it will continue to work, and I'm still getting a Macbook when it's feasible.


Wonder Man said...

I love a Mac and I know you will love it

Electa said...

Computers become like our favorite old pair of shoes, and I'm glad you're comfortable again!

froggy said...

My macbook and I are good friends. I drag it all over the house.

Aled Hughes said...

Cooling pads are a bit of a gimmick in my view. You really need a docking station, usually around $90 (I know, it goes a long way to getting a new laptop!) but they do work amazingly well. I run a Lenovo Thinkpad (not through my choice I might add), and use a docking station. These docking stations are claimed to extend the life of a laptop from about 18 months to about 5 years. Having said that, my laptop (3 years and counting) also overheats, but most of it is because some websites have so many video ads. Several friends and acquaintances had Thinkpads without docking stations, and frequently only lasted about 12 months. When the Thinkpads were sold by IBM, IBM always recommended a docking station.
Hope this hasn't become a sermon!