Sunday, November 21, 2010

Fun Night in Nashville

Tina and I went to dinner at PF Chang and then to see Craig Ferguson at TPAC in Nashville tonight. He's filming his comedy special and chose to do it in Nashville! Wow! He said that it was no accident he wanted to do it here because he likes the South and feels our pain because people are always trying to do our accents and his and do them wrong. Then they do them for us to show us how it should be done. He really puts on a great show! It was hilarious! The little bondage guy and a man playing the sax came onstage at the beginning and end, and they all danced. It revved the audience up.

There were two shows, and we went to the last one at 9:45. It was a good evening since we left early enough not to rush and could do a few other things we wanted to like browse Border's after dinner since it's close to the restaurant. As I was driving to the restaurant, we saw the lights on at Vanderbilt's stadium and realized there was a ballgame. People were walking around everywhere. Then I saw orange and said, "Oh no! Orange! Vandy and UT are playing!" This is a big rivalry in the state for those who care. Anyway, we did get a parking place because the restaurant has free valet parking. Otherwise, impossible! Love those lettuce wraps at PF Chang!

Not sure when this special will be on, so let's look for it! I think it's going to be on HBO and know it will have to be on cable because of the language and some topics. Really enjoyed the evening and got all kinds of endorphins from laughing so much. I didn't take any pictures because they told us not to. Well, we could without the flash, but I decided to watch and enjoy instead of taking any pictures. This suit looks like the one he wore with a dark blue untucked shirt with a string tie.

What he tweeted:
Craig Ferguson
Thank you Nashville you were incredible. You made a vulgar lounge entertainer feel like a star. I thank you xxx


mrs. miss alaineus said...

when you said 'little bondage guy' did you mean little as in shorter in stature or little as in just a little light bondage?

happy sunday!


froggy said...

Loves him! Family watched How To Train Your Dragon the other night and I thought... I know that voice. Interesting that Vikings had Scottish accents...

I've been to UT campus - go big Orange!

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Did not know that Vandy and Utah had a big rivalry :o)

Love the Craigmeister, I am sure it was funny.

Sam said...

sounds like fun fun fun. Glad to hear it.