Friday, November 19, 2010

Fishing Trivia & Memories

Thirty million Americans fish for bass every year, making it one of the top sports in the nation. One out of every 400 Americans (meaning 600,000 Americans), is a proud member of B.A.S.S., the Bass Anglers Sportsman Society. The average amateur fisherman spends about $200 a month on equipment, which adds up to a $40 billion industry.

I used to go fishing with Daddy. Good memories mostly from just spending time with him. He was a salesman and always competitive, so he'd have all these challenges, such as who catches the first fish, largest fish, etc. He also said the one who catches the least number of fish has to clean all of them. That usually applied to me, but the first time I did, I managed to mangle the fish and get scales everywhere. On purpose? Of course! That bothered him so much he told me to let him do it, and I never had to again. Win-win for me! Another thing my brother didn't even try to get by with.


Wonder Man said...

I have never gone fishing and my family used to do it all the time